Is the method of using a gas chamber a humane form of execution?

Asked by: Dunlj
  • The gas chamber is a humane form of execution.

    The gas chamber is a humane form of execution because it is painless and fast. It is more technologically advanced than other forms such as hanging or firing squad. It is also less graphic than the electric chair. The gas chamber should be used as a humane form of execution.

  • No form of execution is humane

    There is nothing humane about taking the life of a human being. It doesn't matter how little pain the individual will fear, execution is still inhumane. Above all else, we as humans don't have a right to take the life of another human, even if they did it first. We should take a stand against the inhumanity of execution, even by gas chamber.

  • Are you out of your mind?

    Okay first off, there are many quick and painless ways to die. Second, gas chambers are probably one of the worst ways to die. Example, they still have claw marks from the Jews in the holocaust gas chambers and why is that? Because they were suffocating. In case you do not know that feeling, try putting a wal-mart sack over your head and report back to me. (Don't actually do it.)

  • Slow, Painful, and Dangerous

    Gas chamber executions are performed by mixing potassium cyanide pellets with sulfuric acid in a sealed, airtight chamber wherein the condemned is strapped to a chair. When these two toxic substances are mixed they produce hydrogen cyanide---a toxic yellow smoke. The condemned person can see and smell this gas as it billows about them. Death takes several minutes to come to the person. A gas execution has been described as one of the most chilling to bear witness to because of the violent reactions seen prior to death. These include spasms, choking, excessive drooling, retching, and convulsions. After death, the body must be disposed of by HAZMAT personel as it is toxic and cannot be directly handled. The farthest thing from humane.

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