• Yes, yes, yes

    National borders needs definition, rules of entry and egress, and effective, humane, well-thought out methods of enforcement.
    The consequences of disregarding immigration laws shuld be clearly defined, fairly applied, and reasonably symmetrical to the crime of disobeying them. Otherwise 'immigration control' is meaningless and laws defining it are a pointless joke.

  • Yes it is justified

    I believe Mexico does not work to control people from coming across the border. A fence would be necessary to keep drug trafficking to a absolute minimum and box in what drugs the US already has. Also if a country economical state is so poor that people are leaving then those people should stay behind and help get that certain country on its feet. Also I believe that drainage pipes and drainage systems should be modified with alarm systems and have a metal cage enclosing the entrance/exits.

  • No other county has this mess

    Having people cross the border unchecked is just inviting problems and a Gordon Ramsey recipe for disaster. Its not just people looking for a better life who will exploit the dismay that is the US mexico border, criminals and terrorists will also take advantage and exploit the chance to import death. Our current open border policy is a massive danger to our national security and must be addressed promptly. Unfortunately partisan politics will most likely prevent any substantial action on this matter, politicians will only act when some deranged terrorist smuggles in a dirty bomb.

  • Absolutely its justified

    Living in a border state i've dealt with this issue for years now. Ive seen americans lose jobs for a variety of issues including cheap labor given out to immigrants, a preferance for people who can speak spanish, etc. People who are for allowing them in and destroying everything this country stands for argue that this is a country of immigrants. Which is true. But its also a country of laws and there are plenty of those who have come here legally. Its not that hard

  • It would help with illegal smuggling- a larger problem rather than illegal immigration

    A well regulated and maintained border fence will not only prevent illegal immigration, but also smuggling (a bigger problem in my opinion) of illegal items across the border. This is only if the fence is well-maintained and paroled. Yes it seems xenophobic, but xenophobia is not common in the united states and we will still be welcoming (mostly) to immigrants as a fence may seem xenophobic, but our society is far from xenophobia. Isn't that WHAT ACTUALLY counts?

  • It's a physical barrier that's harder to cross than nothing.

    The fence serves as more than a symbol, it serves a rational purpose: keeping people out. Granted, the fence can be cut through and hopped, but I ask you, what else actually does the job as a barrier?We do have the Border Patrol, doing it's job effectively, and the fence should stay because 1) it still slows illegal crossing down and 2) taking down the fence costs money and literally opens the border.

    Posted by: JDuB
  • To a degree yes........

    If they wanna keep immigrants out, the fence is indeed justified.......but it needs to be secure, and as it is it is not. They need to make up their mind honestly, do they want open borders or not? If they do, then take the fence down, if they don't, close it entirely. So yes I think the border fence is justified but they must be consistent in its' use.

  • We need to monitor who comes into our country

    The Mexico-US border fence is critical to maintaining standards on who is permitted to enter our country. If the fence did not exist, there would be far too much illegal immigration, which can place a major strain on the areas where the immigrants settle. While I am all for legal immigration, the fence serves an important purpose in keeping a border between countries.

  • Yes

    The Mexico-US border fence is justified because it does the job it was meant to do. The fence allows there to be a place where there can be regulation on who goes in and out of the country. The fence also keeps things such as drugs and guns either in or out of the country.

  • Where you going to get all that cheap labour to build a mega fence.

    Viva Mexico, viva revolution. Is this the best you guys can do, a fence. The reality is you guys in the US from luck, good planning and advantageous promotion of greed grabbed a huge portion of the cake and don't want to share. With all that wealth you might as well nuke Mexico and be done with it. Leaders of the free world my ass.

  • A Border Fence is an Ineffective Symbol for Deeper Immigration Issues

    A Mexico-US border fence is not justified because a fence is entirely ineffective in dealing with immigration issues between Mexico and the US. Wholesale immigration reform needs to take place, starting with leadership by the president for amnesty for illegals already in the US. Further realistic path to legal citizenship for Mexicans who want to strive for a better life in the US should be undertaken by our congress.

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