Is the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry the biggest in sports?

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  • Osu/michigan football biggest rivalry in all sports!

    OSU/MICHIGAN GAME had 16 million viewers tune in to the 2015 regular season game, second only to the National Championship game between Alabama/Clemson 26 million viewers. Every Year the rivalry never dies since the first game of there lustrous career between the two schools. I know of no other Team that hates each other as much as OSU/MICHIGAN Football.




  • Many Historians Agree.

    The Michigan- Ohio State Rivalry is certainly the biggest of all time. For over one hundred years, these two states have been duking it out to see who will be the victor. Many historians agree that this is one of the most heated rivalries of all time, and they also point the origins of the rivalry to the Michigan- Ohio War(look it up!) This certainly is the textbook model of American Football at its finest, and will always be the most heated rivalry of all time.

  • Nothing is Better

    This is the only rivalry where the state governments get involved. This is a game for bragging rights for the whole year. These are two of the traditional powers of College Football battling for the Big Ten. Even Archie Griffin was more satisfied beating Michigan than winning the heisman. This is a holiday for Michigan and Ohio.

  • Yes. Tons of history.

    The Michigan Ohio State rivalry is clearly the biggest rivalry in sports. From the first meeting in 1897 to the Snow Bowl, from the Woody Hayes Bo Schembeckler rivalry, to the Eddie George, Charles Woodson era, this rivalry has tons of history, major upsets, and the two schools really do not like each other.

  • In ALL sports (including professional)?!

    Um... Yankees/Red Sox, Giants/Cowboys, Packers/Bears. I guess college would be a more passionate rivalry, because it's a school pride type of thing, but they're not as wide as those rivalries I mentioned. I mean come on, the Yankees and Red Sox have been duking it out for over 110 years, and every time they meet, it's a big deal.

  • It's a good one, a close second but.....

    I would have to give the nod to Alabama-Auburn. I'll admit to being partial; I'm a Bama fan and I grew up in Alabama. I do love the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. I live in the South but I live in a community with a fairly heavy fan base for Michigan and Ohio State. I have witnessed their passion and their dislike for each other.

    This one just doesn't stand up to Bama and Auburn though. This one has had it's share of big name coaches and players too, but Alabama has no professional football team. Alabama and Auburn have no competition for the love of their fans and a lot of Alabamians like it that way. The rivalry is firmly ingrained in the culture of the state. You have to declare loyalty early in life and it takes 364 days to get over a loss. The rivalry is a topic of conversation at almost any gathering, twelve months out of the year. Let me just put it this way, Go Noles!

    College sports are fun. Heated rivalries are even more fun.

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