• It's cheaper and just as functional

    There are numerous great features of the Microsoft surface, which make it very comparable to the Macbook. And, there are some features that set it apart. First, the touch screen implementation is great - and it seems like this is where technology is going. But most importantly, the Surface costs a heck of a lot less than the Macbook. It performs the same functions for a lot less money.

  • Yes Microsoft surface is better than Macbook.

    Yes I think anything Microsoft including the Surface is better than anything apple including the macbook. Microsoft is better value and better quality. It is thin and light in weight and looks more sleek, which is a huge plus for a consumer. I look at Apple as being a label and not the better product. People will pay for a name without giving other companies a chance, and all that does is make them miss out on the better product which is Microsoft.

  • Yes, I defiantly think Microsoft Surface is a better program.

    Yes, I defiantly think Microsoft Surface is a better program. I feel that Microsoft has put out a much stronger product here overall. I really love the from and the way its set up. I think its much better than the Macbook overall because of how well it was organized.

  • No, it's not.

    The user interface is not as intuitive as the macbook. I find the apps hard to use and somewhat confusing. I don't like Windows eight or how it operates. While the technology is impressive it does not compare to the macbook. I find myself completing a lot more work on my mac.

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