• The middle class is defunct.

    The middle class is defunct. With the economy in as bad shape as it is then something should be done to help it. We have middle class people that are starting to show up at food banks and the problems just continue to grow. I think the government should be doing more to help everyone out.

  • They are now the working poor.

    Yes, the middle class is now defunct, because it take a two-income family anymore to support what one working parent used to provide. Things have become more expensive as a proportion to income. Money does not go as far. Today, both parents have to work just to make ends meet. It is not the middle class of yesterday.

  • Yes it is.

    In this economy in the US the middle class is in a defunct. It is basically now the working class and the working class is barely staying out of poverty. Not of the classes are working right or are in the right spot where they used to be in, so yes it is.

  • The middle class is defunct

    The middle class is defunct. This is because of the fact that the middle class is quickly shrinking and being replaced by more and more poor, and a small number of extremely rich elite who are calling all of the shots. The middle class is defunct and quickly becoming a thing of the past.

  • Look, the middle class is everybody between the rich and the poor.

    It may seem like it is because there is now a smaller percentage of Americans who have so much that you can't consider them poor. However the percentage is still way higher than it is in many other countries, so the middle class is certainly not defunct.
    Of course there are so many people who have snuck across the border and brought their poverty with them that the cost of cheap labor is way down, and that enables the top 1 % to earn higher profits, so the middle class is getting smaller.

  • Middle class is alive & well

    I do not think the middle class is defunct as of right now; however, I definitely think the definition of middle class has definitely changed over the last few years. These days we are living in different times with a much different economy and finances are much different these days.

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