• I think of going to prison because its cheaper than the real world

    I work so hard for so little and at the end of my 40+ hours working for minimum wage i have about 2 hours of down time than 4 to 5 hours of sleep just so i cam do it again. The best part is i make just enough for the government to give me as little help as possible. I eat one meal a day, all i can aford. And have no hope for the future... Im seriously thinking about going to prison for the three meals a day no rent and i dont have to work... Sounds better than life out here shit thats when you know America is screwed

  • Yes the middle class is disappearing

    Studies have been conducted that shows that as the top 1% greatly affects the middle class. When there profits increases the income of the middle class decreases but, when there profits decrease the profits of the middle class increases. The wealthy are growing with the help of technology making it so that there are only the super rich , the super poor and a slowly diminishing middle class

  • Yes, the median income has fallen steadily for several years now.

    Yes, it is my belief that the middle class will become extinct eventually. There are statistics that prove income for the median range has been declining for over 5 years now. And the number of people that are on food stamp assistance had increased by 50 % in the last 5 years as well.

  • Yes, the middle class is in danger of becoming extinct.

    The middle class is facing an ever ending push towards the bottom of the wage barrel. The minimum wage keeps rising and all other pay scales remain the same. The rich keep making ground breaking profits on the backs of the working class. The middle classes wages do not keep up with inflation and continue to become closer to the minimum wage.

  • Yes, it has already been reduced by more than half.

    Yes, the middle class is well on it's way to becoming extinct. Many of the middle class workers lost security and good paying jobs in the recent recession. Because many of these workers were middle aged, they now find themselves having to work two or three part time jobs at minimum wage just to make ends meet. As they fall lower on the economic ladder, the American Dream is vanishing.

  • No, the middle class won't become extinct.

    The middle class won't become extinct, merely because of the very nature of how our culture and economy work. There will always be poor people and rich people, and those who fall somewhere in between will be the middle class. That being said, there may be less and less middle class people as expenses have gone up in recent years, and now it often takes two working adults to keep a household at middle class level, whereas it used to take only one.

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