• The middle class is almost nonexistent.

    The middle class is not only in danger, it is very nearly nonexistent. Everyone is looking at the unemployment percentage. The rate is dropping so everything is better. Every politician is ignoring the fact that thousands of people who lost good paying, full time jobs are now working one, two, and sometimes three part time minimum wage jobs just trying to keep their homes and pay their bills. They can't afford car repairs, new cars, or to replace appliances. There is no more middle class.

  • Yes more than ever

    The middle class is in big danger. The biggest threat to them is the current president. He keeps saying he is working for the middle class but in reality he is working for the poor and killing the middle class. This is going to mean the rich are richer and the middle class will be the poor soon.

  • Yes, people will be either rich or poor

    Many people already think that is the case. Eventually, there will be so many people on the bottom that the bottom is literally going to fall out. If people look back on history, they will see a lot of great men warning what happens when the gap between rich and poor becomes to great. If people really respected these great men, they might want to listen.

  • Yes, the middle class is in danger.

    I do think that the middle class is in danger. I think that the government spends too much time and effort in trying to help the lower class as well as the higher class. But ther doesn't seem too be much of an emphasis on the middle class and its people.

  • What middle class?

    There's a tremendous disparity between the middle and upper classes in America, to the extent that it may not be a tremendous stretch to suggest that we have the economic policies of a third world country, where our white collar criminals and robber barons slowly drain the life of the working class citizen.

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