• Yes it is.

    The middle class is steadily eroding down to a working class and everyone below middle class is basically in poverty right now. Our government just ends up making things more expensive and harder to live to by taking away a good health care plan and forcing us to pay for a new one.

  • Without an industry or tangible marketplace, the middle class is eroding.

    The middle class used to be made up of mid level industrial workers or department heads. Industry has since been removed from American Society. There is no place for mercantilism, which is how the middle class began. The rich profit from their own money while exploiting the poor further and further into poverty. The only reason that the economy has not fully failed is dual incomes. If something is not done to promote profits in the middle class, the economy will collapse within the next 30 years.

  • Rich or poor

    Yes, the middle class in my opinion is slowly going away, and we are seeing only rich people, and people below the poverty level. Something needs to be done in the economy to bring back money to the poor, so that their will again be a strong middle class here.

  • Yes, the middle class is near extinction.

    Yes, I feel our country has already become a land of two classes - the affluent and the poor. I see families that have to make tough choices daily on whether to fill their gas tanks, pay rent or buy groceries. I see many who have health care coverage but cannot afford the co-pays. Wives and mothers search the meat aisles looking for chicken on sale - and they don't even look at the beef because they know there is no way they can afford it. There are no more vacations or trips to Disneyland for what were once middle income families but are no longer.

  • Yes, and it seems by design.

    In the United States, especially, the middle class was always an important one because it provided the base for the "common person." This person was crucial to the democratic process. But now we are starting to have only the very poor, with no power, and the very rich, with most of it.

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