• Yes, the military is a good career!

    Benefits offered through military careers are often overlooked and should be touted as a huge perk. The economy is in a slow decline thereby making career selection limited. The military affords not only health care but housing, education and promotion.

    Families also benefit in the a multitude of ways while most often gaining travel experience that would not be gained otherwise

  • It Is A Good Career

    Joining the military is a good choice for a career. The pay is good and you get to see the world in most cases. Those that sign up are passionate about it and that is a good thing because there is lot of room for advancement. There are also a good amount of specific jobs you can do in the military.

  • For some, we all have different gifts and talents

    I'm well aware that there are many different jobs in the military, but, in my opinion, the military is best suited for those who did not exceed in academics. Not to say that those in the military should not be intelligent. That would be false. But if someone is physically fit and good at shooting guns and does well in high pressure situations, the military is absolutely a good career choice.

  • Yes, for some.

    The military is a good career for either those who are extremely interested in joining for personal reasons, or for those who don't have a lot of options, due to poverty and lack of education or resources. In an ideal society, we would give the latter type of people more options than putting their lives on the line, but all things considered, the military is a decent option for a lot of people, offering them education, a paycheck, and benefits.

  • Good training, no student Loans

    People severely underestimate the benefits that the military offer, including the plethora of jobs available. From business administration to nuclear engineering, the military can arrange just about any career field you could imagine. It's also very big on technology. Very smart kids who want to make an impact with their mental capability will look towards military science. Moreover, if you have a bachelors degree, you can apply to go to Officer Candidate School (OCS) to earn a commission. With a commission, one is entitled to become an officer, which -- from an enlisted standpoint -- is a set of ranks where one is to have their ass kissed for a living. Not enough people understand how great of an opportunity it is to become an officer. For someone who has a degree and wishes to not join the military, they have to start at the bottom of the food chain at whichever employer they choose to work for. For someone who decides to become an officer, they already outrank every enlisted and warrant military man and woman. On top of that, the amount of training required for all jobs accumulates towards college credits. Ex: an aviation specialist can accumulate over a semesters worth, even a years worth of college credits in MOS School. On top of that they will gain more credits should they choose to seek further education in order to climb rank. A good friend of mine has approx. 2 1/2 years worth of college credits as an avionics technician. He will be attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University once he picks up SSgt and/or finishes his next contract. On top of what I've said before, over 50,000 dollars in educational expenses is completely paid for after you get out of service. So my friend that I mentioned above will be going to embry riddle for free and will also pick up a private pilot's license. So for anyone saying that the military is a poor choice if you're smart, they are sadly mistaken. IMO not enough college students know that their degree can land them a spot above E-9. Most people who are in purely for the benefits typically go Navy or Air Force. But for some of us who put our country before us, we tend to lean towards the "combat branches" Marine Corps and Army.

    With everything said above, keep in mind that none of these benefits amount to the pride you'll have for serving your country, an honor no one else can have. With the military you can be America's superheroes, and be thanked by everyone on the street (unless you live In an über liberal city, then you'll likely get spit on). Let me tell you that the people who thrive the most in the military are those who were never appreciated. They put up with being treated like a baby by their higher ups but enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that civilians look up to them. If you join, you have my respect

  • It represents our rights, our freedom, our country.

    The military is our right and ticket to freedom. Someday people may not like having to send their son or husband, but it is for you and the rest of your family. They should be respected at all times, and not for a second should they ever have someone look at them and put their head down. These man are ready to risk their lives for others and for their country and they are proud of it. They help our rights and they help our freedom be alive.

  • For almost everybody

    The military will help you forge character. You can also earn experience which you can use in your civilian life and there a private companies that look for people with military background. Being on the military will also help you later to pay for college and will give you some advantage over other people when applying for a job with the US Government.

  • Service to nation

    The military has lucrative benefits for sure, and serves also a noble purpose. However, it has one function which I need not elaborate on. Something like that can be gruesome, and it is not meant to be a career. It is meant to be raised for war and somewhat maintained in between. It can rough on the body. The more we try to push it as a career choice the weaker it will become because of how much it will adopt a corporate culture.

  • Not for most

    The military in most cases isn't really meant to be a career, just a way of getting the ball rolling as far as caring for yourself is concerned. For most people it's not a particularly good idea to spend more than a couple of years in it, it's a dangerous and high stress field.

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