Is the Military after high school better than college?

Asked by: Capt.Erk
  • The life long consequences of the military are substantially better than college.

    The military is a way better option than colleges, Now having a degree is supposed to guarantee a job in any field that the degree is in, When 102. 6 million Americans in July of 2017, Were in job according to the most recent employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American workers aren’t thrilled with their actual jobs. In fact, Two-thirds are disengaged, Disrespected or worse according to a new Gallup study on the American workplace. “No a college degree does not matter anymore! While a college degree is not necessary, Some form of higher education or technical training is required. There are college graduates who leave their institutions with their four-year degrees only to find out that they are unemployable! Says Recruiter. Why spend thousands of dollars on something that isn’t beneficial? The answer is simple, Don’t. The military will actually fund your education later on in your life if you make small investments in periods at a time.

  • Best Choice For Prosperity

    College is a joke. The kids who go have parents who paid for it and get them jobs after. If not, They end up broke and jobless or underemployed.

    If you join the miltary, Then you can tell everyone you are a rough and tough hardworker, When you really don't do much of anything. Then you get free housing, A paycheck, And retirement while sitting around not doing shit. Then when you get bored, You can leave the military and go to online college for free with the GI bill. With your new online knowledge, You can then get a IT job with the same people you were in the miltary with, And make 6 figures easily, Probably teleworking etc. .

    There is no comparrison to joining or not joining for 18 year olds today. The majority of Americans don't realize the benefits of these jobs, Because the ones taking advantage of them are not going to advertise the money/value they get from them. Good luck going to work for a company. . . . Filled with the sons and daughters of senior management. Only thing better than that is tbe sons and daughters of senior miltary! If you are the son or daughter of senior military personnel, Your recruitment process just may go a little smoother, And you will make even more money!

  • Debts and discipline

    In college you can be undisciplined and also be in debts and not guaranteed a job, however but the military will force discipline upon you they will also pay for your college debts and has more health benefits that could help later in life but college wont let you have those benefits.

  • Military is where I'm heading in 2-3 years.

    The military is a good place and I am interested. Here is why it is a good choice...All you need to do is graduate high school. You don't need top notch grades. Plus if you score well on the asvab you can do close to anything. Which reminds me I am going to buy a study guid for the asvab soon. I want to be a reconnaissance. Plus jobs you can do outside the military you can do in the military except with perks to it. Plus rather then getting just a degree, you are getting good experience.

  • Military Education Benefits v. College Education Benefits

    Why would people go to a college and spend thousands of dollars to learn one thing in 4 to 6 years when you can go to the military and learn the exact same thing in a third of the time and get paid to do it? Just the post said, you are more guaranteed for a job in what ever field you trained in than a college grad. Student. It just doesn't make any sense on why you would rather go thousands in debt and spend a large chunk of your life to learn something when there's a much efficient way to do it. Though, I do know why people prefer to go to college than the military. They're too lazy to do some actual work that's the problem. Wow, I hate my generation.

  • The military has so many more benefits than college.

    The military offers many cash bonuses. There is the sign on, airborne, specials forces and many more depending on the mos chosen. There is also the GI Bill. Which can pay for most if not all of your college after you are out. Or if you're in the reserves, you can do schooling while in the reserves. Not using the GI Bill yourself is an option as well. It is possible to give that money to a spouse or children for their college.

    If you are single, housing is free in the barracks. The barracks are different for each branch. Off base living is an option but it is not paid for. If you were married, living in the barracks is still an option. But living on base in a house with your family is more ideal probably. Living off base is somewhat paid for as well if married.

    Traveling around the world is another benefit. Discounts from movie tickets to cars is also quite possible.

    There are many options when it comes to jobs. It is not just infantry and mechanics. There are desk jobs that can qualify you for government jobs after service. Employers like experience over someone who has only a degree with no experience. If you have a clearanced job you are guaranteed a job in that field over a college grad.

    The list can go on and on about why the military is better than college after high school.

  • Depends on What You Want out of Life

    For some people it's better because it gives them opportunities that they would not be able to have without going to the military (free college, a job, healthcare), but for most it's just a hindrance. For me, it would waste my time because I know that anything military related is not what I want to do with my life and being in the military would not give me any experience related in the field I would like to go into (chemistry).
    Also, when I'm in college I will most likely be able to get an internship related to my field in a company that I like that I would not be able to find in the military. I also did very well academically in high school, so I don't have to pay much for college.

    In all it would be best for me to go directly to college because being in the military would only slow down the process of me getting a good job.

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