• Military conscription is unjust because it is forced.

    No should be forced to join the military, potentially making them have to do acts of violence against others. This is against the religion and morality of many people. In addition some groups of people are unfairly targeted for conscription. This includes the less educated and men in general. This is sexist and discriminatory and thus even more unfair.

  • Military conscription is unjust and just a bad idea

    The military draft is FORCING these 18-26 year olds to go into war. These boys/men aren't going to have any incentive to fight for the United States, So that they might as well not be there at all. If a person as no incentive when going into war, They are most likely going to desert the war, Meaning that they will either run away or just completely give up on fighting.

  • Military Conscription Unjust

    Yes, military conscription is unjust because if violates one of the inalienable rights listed in the Declaration of Independence, namely the right to liberty. If one is forced in to military service, one is not allowed to choose for himself, and thus his right to liberty is definitely being violated.

  • This is freaking hilarious! And also moronic. You're all moronic.

    First of all, the person above me is an idiot, for two reasons. One, he put his response in the wrong category (great job there, buddy.) Two, his response itself is just wrong. The Declaration of Independence is not a law-based document; it provides no rights to citizens whatsoever, it was created as a breakup letter to Great Britain. That's it. You want to take a look at your rights? Look at the United States Constitution, which just so happens to be the framework for literally every law that has ever been passed in this country. In article 1, section 8, it states that congress can “raise and support an army” with the use of any US resources, including people. Whether it’s voluntary or not. So, now that we’ve established that the draft isn’t actually violating any rights granted to US citizens, let’s get into why it’s not unjust, either. The freedoms that you enjoy in even writing this article come from military drafts; if the draft hadn’t happened in 1940, for example, there would be a good chance that we’d be speaking German right about now. The draft is a necessary tool for raising armies that fight for your freedom. Also, because we citizens are protected by the military that this country raised, it makes sense that we might have to make some sacrifices in return. Think about it; let’s say that you protected somebody since birth with your own resources, even if you asked them for some money so that you could buy stuff that helps you protect them. Then, suddenly, something happens. Another person decides to start a fight with you, and you need help. If you ask that person, whom you’ve protected since birth, to help you, wouldn’t you expect them to help you? Wouldn’t you be a tad bit peeved if they flat-out said no, or complained about the injustice the whole way through? This is why the draft is just; it’s a civil service. The USA deserves your help if it needs it.

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sweetazsugar22 says2017-01-10T18:58:16.510
Military Conscription is like putting people in a wood full of animals that may or may not kill them. It is the death sentence