Is the military-industrial complex good for America?

  • Military Industrial Complex serves as an industrial subsidy without normal market distortions

    Generally, Many of the projects and technologies commissioned by the Department of Defense (DoD) are projects with upfront R&D and capital costs that would be too burdensome for most private firms to undertake if they wanted to be profitable. By allowing for a contract system which allows these private firms to outbid and compete with each other, The DoD has essentially created what is arguable a free market for innovation and technological development.

    The R&D and technological development conducted by these firms inevitably reaches out to the general private sector (aviation, Internet, GPS, Satellite, And international communications sectors all developed to the state they are in now thanks to initial investments by the DoD). The benefits from these contracts inevitably leads to the overall development of the US's technological base, Which serves as one of the greatest drivers of economic growth. By maintaining such high military expenditures, The DoD has essentially created a new type of industrial subsidy free of the distortionary effects generally seen by industrial subsidies in other nations (i. E. Reinvestment of subsidies for stock repurchases, Increased shareholder dividends, Or larger CEO bonuses instead of reinvestment in to R&D), And this has had indisputable benefits on US economic growth and technological development.

  • An Investment in Military Infrastructure is an Investment in American Households

    When the military commissions a project, may that be in tech or software, more often than not they commission the American private sector. The money our government pays to domestic defense related companies like U.S. Ordinance, Colt, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Exelis Inc, etc, is reinvested into those companies. That money then winds up in the pockets of the shareholders and employees of those companies. Once there, the money is reinvested into the domestic economy and thus strengths our economy at home. I was raised in a household paid for indirectly by the DOD. Growing up my father worked for a company that writes analytic software for satellite imagery, this has numerous applications, but given the nature of the software, the DOD was interested in this work for intelligence purposes. The DOD would buy my dad's company's software, they were by far the main customer of my dad's company. Portions of the money funneled into the Military Industrial Complex was paid to my dad's company, which was used to pay my father and, which my family then recirculated into our local economy with our purchases. In essence, investments in defense infrastructure strengthens us militarily, and economically.

  • Culture is corrupt. People and politicians are corrupt.

    I don't trust politicians. They would loot and destroy America if they can. Only the military can save this nation. Just take a look at the people in congress, in the media, the general population. One man one vote is a farce. Only the military can save us from this chaos and impending disaster. I am all for the military industrial complex. It is THE ONLY GOOD for America.

  • The 'no' side is simply conspiratorial.

    The military is one of the few things that the government does that it SHOULD be doing. And of course it should be supported by industry. The alternatives are to either disband the military, or have it funded and equipped purely by the State, which would have a result even worse than simply disbanding it.

    The idea that we are conducting wars for oil is flagrantly imbecilic, due to the complete lack of free oil gained from these ventures. Alec Jones would be proud.

  • Yes, the military-industrial complex is good for America

    Yes, the military-industrial complex is good for America because it keeps us a strong and influential force. We need to maintain our national security, even if it means keeping up a reputation of a strong military-industrial complex. This is what keeps Americans safe on home lands as well as protected abroad.

  • Yes, the military-industrial complex is good for America.

    The military-industrial complex, at the very least, will always keep the other nations of the world in line and allow all Americans to remain totally safe. Any potential terrorist threat, whether it originates from political dissidents or otherwise, can be swiftly dealt with and all conspirators can either be executed on the spot or slowly tortured to death in the CIA's secret prisons.

  • Current Foreign Policy

    It started going back into the 70's and here we are still doing the same. Political identity is more important than our Constitution as its only used as a mouth piece. We have over 800 bases around the world, we intervene in foreign affairs, and get into wars that are not declared by Congress. The media has done such a disservice to the American people. We do not have a free nation, we have become the empire our founding fathers fought against.

  • We have spent too much money on military supplies.

    We have spent too much money on military supplies. There are better ways to use the money we are spending on the Military. First of all we do not exactly know if the USSR is going to bomb us, and until we can tell the future we cant keep our people completely safe. General Douglas MacArthur said, “Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear—kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor—with the cry of grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant funds demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.” America could use this money to strengthen our economy. In our experiments with the nuclear weapons has caused disasters to the ecosystem. We are using this money to test these weapons but once we test them the money just flew out of the window. We already spent about 35 million dollars just on military planes. You say that we need this money to protect us from our enemies, but why do we spend money on weapons that will only attack other nations. We need to take funding out of the military complex because we are damaging the ecosystem, we spent a lot of money on it already, and we can cause another cold war.

  • Eisenhower is right

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  • MIC is so big that it is now self perpetuating

    If you work for military contractor, you will vote like a hawk for the simple reason of self interest. Today, so many taxpayers benefit from being a part of the MIC that it will be nearly impossible to change this well established system. Continued growth of the MIC will eventually become a significant contributor to a global loss of confidence in the US dollar.

  • More Plowshares Needed

    The corrupting influence of the private defense industry certainly appears to be greater, and less scrutinized, that other industries, including energy. There are very few players, and lots of dark money flowing to promote military action abroad, as well as domestic and international surveillance. The situation is dangerous and volatile, but if we reorganize our priorities to restoring transparency and fair representation in government, and larger budgets for investments in our infrastructure, environment and education systems, we can correct the course, while reducing our debt and distributing the gains our country's production more equitably.

    Posted by: SeeM
  • Take a look at history

    Before WWII, America was in the Great Depression and the government had cut spending which created more havoc in the country. The War helped get America out of the US because of the amount of spending the government did on producing goods and paying for the war. The Cold War propelled the US into keeping a standing army and producing more military goods. Because of this, the US needed roads (the interstate) and the private sector to produce the goods for the military. All of this spending was being pumped into the economy which in return boosted it even more. Most of the products that us consumers buy is based off of military technology. Without the help of the military, the private sector would not be able to pump money back into the economy which would only make the economy worse than it is now. The military-industrial complex is not the problem. Read your history folks.

  • Turning us into robots

    The military industrial complex has been quickly, if subtly, taking over American society from the inside. Eventually, most jobs and technologies will be developed primarily for military purposes, most jobs will be dedicated to the complex, and eventually the military will become a privatized entity really fighting wars for money.

  • It ruined America.

    Take a good look at the defense budget. Its reaching 700 billion dollars. Do you know what we can do with that money? But instead of putting it towards education, space exploration, or healthcare, we use that money to blow people up. The US spends a minimum of 50 billion dollars on black projects, maybe even MUCH more. These are projects that we might never even get to know about, and some of the technology that comes out of it might be able to revolutionize the world.

    Thats just the budget. It corrupts our politicians. You get defense contractors like Lockheed Martin bribing your elected officials with money to make them spend more on their operations. In the end of the day you get a inflated defense budget like we do. Ever hear the term "War is profitable?" Well, war is profitable for the companies that make all the military's weaponry.

    Not only is there companies that make tech and gadgets, but to make things like planes/cars/tanks work, you need gas and oil. So you have private companies bribing your politicians to pay them more, and you have oil companies driving everything those private companies make.

    You can even go on to say that you have these companies bribing our politicians to the point of war. Remember the the gulf war and the Iraq war? Yeah, those were for oil.

    So, you have weapon companies bribing our government so they can get 20x more money that what they paid for through taxes, and you then have to supply all those vehicles they make with oil/gas. So you end up with a 700 billion dollar defense budget with the final proceeds going to oil companies and defense contractors.

    If you want to fix America, you take out the Military Industrial Complex.

  • No, it isn't

    It's important to make a distinction between the military and the military-industrial-complex. No reasonable person denies that the United States must have a military capable of defending the country from foreign threats. But how large does that military need to be? It is already larger than the militaries of the next ten countries combined. Wealthy defense contractors lobby to maintain this enormous machine not out of military necessity, but in order to protect their own livelihoods.

  • What motivation is there to stop growth?

    The problem with the military industrial complex is that there is no agreement to stop growth and it just creates sprawling government that it's constantly justifying its need for more resources. A prime example is the complaints against the sequester, in which officials said that they would have to shorten bulk orders and only order what they need and were disappointed that they weren't getting the bulk discount. But a discount on something you don't actually need isn't a savings at all. This kind of free open ended spending needs to go away to get are budget under control.

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