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  • Military Noticed Quite Often

    In today's world, the military is noticed for its good deeds and misdeeds all the time. To say that the military isn't noticed enough is to be totally unaware of the military's transparency. Hundreds of news articles are available on the United States military each day, so it's noticed more than plenty of other institutions.

  • No, I believe the military is definitely noticed enough.

    The military is something that everyone knows about and its not something that is overlooked. It is a key part of our country that shows just how strong and powerful we are, as well as how much our people love our country enough to be involved and join. Some people might believe that not enough people care about it, which is why they might think it is not noticed, but if you take a good look you will see that our military is loved and just because they don't join it does not mean they don't care but rather they aspire to do other things. There are many factors to take in about this subject but the military is definitely something everyone cares about and notices.

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