Is the militia still relevant in the United States today?

Asked by: AngstChrist
  • I would argue that now, more than ever, militia is relevant.

    Had you asked me when I was young, I'd have said that militia is an anachronistic concept, given the focus on law enforcement and military units throughout the United States. I'd probably have looked to the misinformation surrounding Waco and Ruby Ridge and believed it as fact - that militia is a thinly veiled code for terrorism.

    But times have changed. On the domestic front, we've seen countless instances of non-response to natural disasters such as Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, which were followed by lawlessness, looting and murder with nary a cop or Guardsman to help quell the unrest. Militia in many states have proven themselves an asset to legitimate law enforcement, in helping to search for missing children, organizing and securing aid distribution in disaster and helping out when the time comes.

    Overall, the main function of militia, which is fighting against tyranny or the bad actions of corrupt government edicts and officials, is quickly being re-awakened. Several states have passed draconian laws against gun ownership; outlawing certain classes of arms and requiring prohibitive licensure to keep and bear arms - a basic civil right enumerated by the second amendment.

    Couple this with the reality that the nation is on the brink of economic collapse and an infrastructural void, those with the training, skill and the willingness to fight for the constitution will never be irrelevant. Militia need not be a dirty word. Militia is the very essence of your fellow countrymen living the very document that gives us our right to be a free people - they are your neighbors, friends, teachers, doctors and in many cases, police officers - all willing to put everything on the line should the Constitution be ignored.

    As a side note, please don't respond with the tired old line "no militia can stand up to the US armed forces." Really? Tell that to the returning veterans of the Iraq/Afghan misadventure - many of those injured by poorly organized and lightly armed defenders of their homelands, using rusty Kashnikov rifles and the balls to get it done.

  • Yes, as the government becomes more powerful.

    Yes, the militia is still relevant today, because Americans should still have the peace of mind that they control the government, and not the other way around. As the government begins to control more and more of our lives, it is critical that citizens know that they can still cling to their guns and their religion.

  • American Militia represents a global threat

    Just last week the President announced that he wants to completely eliminate the Army and seriously downsize the Navy and Air Force. (This raises some Constitutional issues as the government is required by Constitutional mandate to provide an Army. But, then again, when has the Constitutionality of something ever stopped Mr. Obama?) So, if he is able to achieve these goals, who is left to repel any invasion from China, Russia or virtually anyone else? And do you think we are safe from Mexico? You are only fooling yourself if you believe we are safe from invasion by them. (We are safe from Canada, though. They are just too polite to invade anyone.)

    Point is, it is ultimately up to the People of this country to defend it. Our regular and reserve military is the best in the world but that does not mean that we can repel every attack against us. In the 1980's, when I served, we had the capability to fight a major war and three smaller wars while still maintaining a significant home defense. Currently, we do NOT have the capacity to fight a major war and can only fight two minor wars. We also do not have a significant homeland defense as our reserve forces are engaged in skirmishes around the globe (seventeen of them last time I counted). So, that leaves the People to provide for the common defense of our great land. (Those who have never served, please note: there is a difference between a major war, a minor war and a skirmish.)

    During WWII, Emperor Hirohito asked Admiral Yamamoto if the Japanese army should invade the continental U.S. He was told that would be a serious mistake because "there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass."

    So, even if the militia is NOT needed to defend from internal threats, the threat they pose to the rest of the world is significant enough to act as a deterrent even during times of military weakness as we are currently experiencing.

    In the United States, there are currently about 300 million guns of varying types in circulation. These are owned by about 100 million people. So, if even only 5% of American gun owners took up arms against an invading army, they represent the largest standing army in the world. And this is only the small arms and rifles. We don't know how many Americans own grenades, .50 cals, bazookas and other military grade hardware.

    So, yes, the militia is still relevant and will continue to be so until our species has overcome the primal urge to war against each other.

  • Yes the militia protects us from danger.

    Without them people like the crazy a** world leaders would be attacking us 24/7 and nobody would be there to save us or help us get out of the mess we are in. They do lots for us and protect us well. This is why the militia is still important to us.

  • Bill of rights

    In the bill of rights it says that we have the right to bear arms. They wrote that because the revolutionary war and in case of a civil war. When our government got shut down the government still got payed while we didn't. The government cannot change the bill of rights. A militia is just as strong as a normal military because all you have to know how to do is aim and shoot a gun. If the militia would win the civil war our government and economy would be a whole lot better. We would not have lazy overpayed politicians sitting in doing nothing while the citizens of the USA are starving, homeless, and fighting payments that the government doesn't have to pay.

  • Bill of rights

    In the bill of rights we have the right to bear arms. I think that its funny that the government wrote the bill of rights and now they're trying to change it. Even if the government owns the military they will go fight in what they believe in. The government thinks that they can just do whatever they want because they are our leaders, but not very good ones. When the government shut down the people that worked for the government got payed while we didn't.

  • We will have a civil war

    The government took our guns and shut down the government; its obvious that they are afraid that we will have a civil war. If we had a civil war and took down our government to make a new one our country would be better and we could have the economy that we would need. The only problem is that the government owns the military, but more people with guns can do a lot. All people need to know how to do is point and shoot a gun.

  • They could actually be classed both communist nationalists.

    It's certainly not relevant. Although they do see the United States government as the oppressors instead of the British, French or Spanish during the revolutionary period.

    They claim to be in the interest of United States citizens and for the people therefore making them left-wing but also defending only Americans therefore making them right-wing.

    I personally don't see the white Christian American people such as the militia as oppressed in the United States as opposed to Hispanics, African-Americans or Asians do you? Therefore they are not relevant in the times that we live in.

  • Armed resistance to British “occupying” military forces is no longer relevant.

    Neither is there a serious threat of a land invasion from Canada or Mexico. Furthermore, the US still has by far the most potent military capability in the world and is more than capable of defending her citizens from any attack from Russia, China or South Korea (except a nuclear attack, but American citizens running about the streets carrying small arms is not going to save them from being vaporized in a thermonuclear explosion).

  • Modern times 2018

    We now have the Armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, And Marines) and at the state level each state has a National Guard unit. When the constitution and Bill of Rights has written this country was still young and needed every able body to defend her now we have the best trained military in the world so no militias are not needed.

  • We Don't Need Militias

    We are not from the Founding Era...? We do not have the same government that was around during that time. During that time it would have been easy for the government to take control of the people but now there is nothing the government could do to take control of EVERYONE. There are rules there are laws. People and their minds evolve. We are no longer in the same mindset as those from the founding era.

  • Veil for Racism

    In this day and age, militias are no longer being used for the purpose that the founding fathers intended. Instead of supporting the military, militias are training to fight against the military.

    In addition to this, many racists, neo-nazis, and white supremacists are using militias as a veil to form anti-immigrant groups. Instead of being founded on a desire to protect America and its citizens, these hateful militias desire to rid America of any non-white citizen.

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