• We are spiritual.

    Yes the mind is separate from the physical self, because the mind continues after death. The body is just a shell for the soul. A soul is unique to humans. A soul is something we have that plants and animals do not. Without the body, our minds and souls keep existing.

  • It Could Be

    I have zero evidence that the mind is separate from our physical selves, but I like to believe that it is. The mind is simply defined as our intelligence and our consciousness. It is our ability to experience life as we know it. I like to think that there is something after this life and I'm going to need to leave my body behind, but take my mind with me.

  • Although we might perceive it to be, it isn't.

    The mind from our own perspectives may seem like an entity separate from the body, residing behind our eyes in our head. But this is merely our self-perceptions.

    Everything that a human does can be found in the brain. And damage or trauma to the brain has proven to fundamentally change the way people behave.

    If damage to the brain can completely alter who a person is, why would we expect complete destruction of the mind to cause anything other than non-existence?

  • It is all connected.

    The mind is not different from our physical selves because everything in our body is connected to each other. This is why when we eat certain foods it can give us energy or even depress us. If our minds were truly separate they would not be connected to our bodies.

  • When you die, you die.

    Neurology shows that our minds work because we have neurons that are always changing in order to better respond to our senses, these senses are everything from emotions to how we see and touch.

    The mind is a process of doing things better, and in order to do things better we are able to use this mind to retain memories, learn from them and change how we think to suit this new knowledge.

    If our minds can be damaged, so is who we are as a person, brain damage causes people to end up thinking differently to not being able to think at all.

    Dying is literally the same thing as brain damage, if you say that our minds are separate from our body then do you consider those who become different after brain damage, still the same person before brain damage?

    No, because our mind are not separate, end of story.

  • The mind is not separate from the body

    It is my opinion that the mind is not separate from the physical body of human beings. The mind and body are part of the same complex organism, and they work together to allow that organism to function. Though both may be present without the other, they would not be able to function correctly in such a state.

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