• NES mini is my life

    If you want to make the gaming world happier you need to make more of these mini NES is my life. The games look just like the original games and I just think it is fun. I mean when I took a survey of my class only 6 people did not like it. And I have 25 people in my class.

  • Yes, the miniature NES by Nintendo is worth the money.

    Yes, the miniature NES by Nintendo is worth the initial cost of purchase. Research shows that popular individual NES Nintendo games can cost between $20 - $35 resale value per game. Because Nintendo's NES comes with 50 free games per console, the worth of NES saves users money in the long run. Projections also show that the value of the NES and its games will continue to rise, possibly creating opportunities for users to make a return on their investment should Nintendo discontinue NES redistribution altogether.

  • Yes, the miniature NES by Nintendo is worth the money.

    The miniature NES by Nintendo will retail for $59.99, including 30 games that are pre-loaded on the console. Considering the fact that you are getting 30 games and do not need to buy any additional accessories, this is a great deal. Game consoles typically cost around $200 to start, and many newly-released games sell for $60-80 each. The combination of a console, 30 games, and a controller is a great value for a nostalgic gamer.

  • Miniature NES offeres content to match price

    The Miniature NES being released by Nintendo will come with 30 classic games for the price of $59.99 or, about two dollars a game. It will also be easy to set up, requiring only requiring an HDMI cable to plug directly into your TV. Of course, many consumers are excited simply for the nostalgia. It includes a controller reminiscent of the original, just like the old NES but without having to blow the dust out of cartridges!

  • Stick with the real thing.

    I don't think that the mini NES by Nintendo is really worth the money. It doesn't include some of the most popular old games, such as Duck Hunter. I think it's a novelty gift, and it might be a good gift idea for someone who already has everything and really loves gaming, especially vintage games.

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