• Yes it is

    I think that in recent times the MLB Hall of Fame has become a mess with all of the suspected and proven steroid and other performance enhancing drug use. Drug use has made it hard to determine who belongs in the hall of fame. Performance enhancing drugs have not always been around so when people use drugs today, it unfairly compares them to natural athletes before them.

  • Yes there are many problems

    The MLB hall of fame is a big mess right now. No one can agree on anything, people are giving up their votes, others are refusing to vote for anyone from the modern era. How can the Hall of Fame continue to operate correctly with all these issues. It really needs to be fixed.

  • The MLB Hall of Fame is a mess

    Major League Baseball has been plagued by drug scandal after drug scandal and has lost many fans and many great players. The Hall of Fame has immortalized many of the players involved in these scandals and now has to figure out what they will do about it. Until the League decides how to deal with their problems and the Hall of Fame decides what it will be doing about the players immortalized while using performance enhancing drugs the Hall of Fame will stay a mess.

  • The MLB Hall of Fame is a mess.

    The MLB Hall of Fame is a mess. Even the voting process for the MLB Hall of Fame is still a mess because at the end of the season the teams are handed a piece of paper and told to write down the MVP they think is deserving of the award. There is no long procedure but the mockery that follows is an absolute mess.

  • Yes, not one player this year?

    I think the fact not one player managed to get elected this year proves it. There is always going to be some doubt if someone got their stats through steroids or through some other means. I think its now causing the entire process to be able to be questioned. Maybe its time to look at the process.

  • No end in sight

    As more and more players from the steroid era become eligible, this thing is going to be a slop fest for a good decade going forward and probably more. The debate between "if they cheated I'll never vote for them", "if they MIGHT have cheated I'll never vote for them" and so on is going to really mess up a lot of ballots.

  • Will the MLB Hall of Fame ever be the same?

    With not a single player being admitted into the current MLB Hall of Fame class, it could be said that it is a messy situation. I think the voters for the Hall of Fame did the correct thing with the current nominees. With almost all of the nominees being linked to performance enhancing drugs being used during their baseball career, it would be hard to vote for them.

  • No, The Hall of Fame preserves baseball history

    Baseball means a lot to many Americans. That’s why the Hall
    of Fame means so much. Just as Americans love to argue about baseball, they
    also love to argue about the Hall of Fame. But the Hall preserves the history and
    traditions of a great game. It saves the words and some of the mementos of
    the heroes of the game, so that future generations can nearly feel their presence.
    The Hall of Fame is a national treasure.

  • No. It's not perfect, but it works.

    Like any elite club that admits members by complicated votes, the Hall of Fame is never going to operate with a completely smooth admission process. But there is a system in place that gives a voice to those who know the game well. It is no more of a mess than any other professional hall of fame for sports.

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