• When the Academy Awards ban actresses/actors with plastic surgery, then MLB can ban drugs.

    The Academy Awards reward actresses/actors who are testimony to the skills of a plastic surgeon. No unaltered person has that type of physical perfection. Which leads very young girls and boys to conclude they are "right" or need surgery to they can be "attractive" just like the people they see on TV or in the movies.

    Never realizing that they are quite attractive without plastic surgery or other body altering treatments. Their self-esteem is being damaged by the beauty industry that relies on being altered to be "normal."

    The hysteria over drugs in MLB is hypocrisy, plain and simple. It's ok, wink-wink, for girls to get chewed up in the beauty/fantasy mill but keep your hands off MLB? Yeah, right.

  • Not fair game

    The players who play without doping are given a harder chance at getting into the hall of fame,all-star game,and get awards such as MVP title. It is not fair to have people on a world series team who do not have PED players go against PED players. They can decide if a team wins a world series or not.

  • Cheating. Plain and Simple.

    The reason I say no is purely on ethical grounds. A doped up player does not have the right to surpass others who have not done it. That's like saying it's okay to cheat on the LSAT, MCAT, or SAT. Performance means nothing to anybody if it was from the effects of drugs and not hard work. I'm sure some doped players trained hard, but it is being dishonest to one's fans and to all spectators and admirers of the sport.

  • No. It's not aggressive enough.

    These players are putting other players at a disadvantage, creating a culture of win at any costs, and making a sham of the entire game. A lifetime ban, and erasure of any records held should be implemented in each case. Nothing they did was legit, and it's essentially making entire seasons invalid because they are not being played on the level.

  • Not at all

    I find this question sort of one sided. Why would they not crackdown on players who are doping and using drugs to enhance their performance. It ruins the point of the game to allow this and makes it a lot less fun. It gives other players a huge advantage over their counterparts who might actually have real skills

  • No it isn't.

    America's Greatest Pastime should accept a high moral standard. The greatest ball players in the world should be judged on their merit and individual worth - not on the worth of performance enhancing drugs. Using performance enhancers in professional sport can only encourage the amateurs and aspiring ball players to do the same, and the last thing this country needs are more role models glorifying drug use - we already have a President for that.

  • No, baseball players are role models to young children.

    To allow them to get away with cheating will teach our children that it is ok to cheat. They need to be setting a positive example for our youth, cheating is bad sportsmanship. Bad sportsmanship leads to inability to get along with others. Get it out of the game, for the good of the game.

  • Absolutely Not, Doping is Cheating

    Doping is cheating. It is enhancing your performance unnaturally so that you can out compete your opponent. You can't allow doping if you want the sport and the institution to remain even slightly legitimate. We can't allow baseball to turn into "who can find the latest and greatest dope" instead of an actual competitive athletic sport.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-17T07:31:06.213
That was the claim of Maguire, Bonds, and even Armstrong.