• The MMR vaccine is safe.

    Yes, the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella is generally a safe vaccine. The benefits clearly outweigh the costs, as the MMR vaccine can prevent children from contracting one of these potentially crippling diseases. In the past, many people died from illnesses that are today, easily preventable through vaccination of children.

  • Yes It Is

    According to the CDC over 10 million doses of the MMR vaccine are circulated throughout the population of the United States each year. The vaccine itself has been available since 1971 and it has made measles, mumps, and rubella a thing of the past. Given the seriousness of these diseases the vaccine has done a lot to keep Americans healthier. There has not been any real evidence that shows the vaccine would be unsafe.

  • It is safe and getting the shot is better than getting the diseases!

    I believe that most people that believe that the vaccine is not safe, do not look at how unsafe getting these illnesses can be! I have six children and all have been vaccinated with the MMR, there has not been one of them that have had an adverse reaction. I think that getting the illnesses are much worse than the alternative and there is not even proof that vaccines cause Autism, that is speculation.

  • MMR Vaccine Safe

    I personally think that Media reports in 1998 of a possible link between the combined measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR) and autism or bowel disease have made many parents question the vaccination. Understanding their concerns and being familiar with the current scientific evidence about the safety of MMR are important if physicians are to allay doubts about the vaccine.

  • Questions about vacine

    It has not been proven that the MMR vaccine is not a hundred percent safe. There are many tests and most of them have come back with many questions surrounding the safety of it. Many people have a perception that this could be potential harmful so they will not use the vaccine

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