• It is curse

    It is curse because i do not think that it is the right time to use mobile phone for teens . They should more focus in their study .A recent study in USA shows that a teen sends average 400 text messages per week. About half of them are sent during class hours. Aren't you shocked to hear this? I am glad our India is much better and cell phones are not allowed in most schools. I can't even imagine we carrying cell phones to the schools and texting in the classrooms! So I think that it is curse.

  • Mobile phones are a curse for the youth

    According to my opinion, mobiles are definitely a curse for the teens.This can be explained very well because todays generation rely on their mobiles phone alot which is actually a source of destruction for their mind and also distracts them from the 'real life'. It even stops most of them to move on and act on various aspects of life.

  • It is a big curse

    I think that phone is curse because teenagers just purchase latest handsets to just show off . It is not the main reason for purchasing the main is they just want to google apps , to listen trendy music and to do long chats.It is also harmful for us because it leds to cancer and brain hamredge . Sometimes even i have that there are many people who cant even sleep without them . It is to bad to depend on technology . This device can even can help in test for many of the cheaters . Their mind are always in to answer chats and to continue theirs games. Many children have got exhausted marks in class 10 beacause these mobile phones

  • I'm Glad They Weren't Around When I Was A Teenager

    When I was a teenager, cell phones were rare, and texting never worked. Looking back, I am very thankful that I made it through my teenage years without cell phones reaching the popularity they have today. I think in many ways they have become a curse for our youth because they are growing up in constant connection to their peers and also posting their life story on social media, where everyone judges.

  • Yes, the phone is a curse for teens.

    Teens have always loved to talk, since phones have been readily available, but they used to be landline phones shared by a family, so their time on the phone was limited. Now, teens are really tied to their phones, talking to friends and playing apps. They're less likely to do things "in person," and miss out on a lot of social time that way. They should be allowed more time in person with their friends, and spend less time feeling tied to a phone.

  • The mobile phone is a curse for teenagers.

    The mobile phone is a curse for teenagers. I live around two sixteen year olds that are never without their phone. It got so bad at one point that they would even sleep with them. I think the mobile phone is a curse for teenagers because they are constantly on them.

  • Mobile Phones Can Be a Curse for Teens

    I believe that mobile phones can be a curse for teenagers because many teenagers rely on them too much. If you become too dependent on technology, it can create a problem. Instead of remembering things, teenagers just Google things on their phones. Instead of sleeping, teens stay up late and chat with their friends on their phones. While responsible teenagers may be able to handle mobile phones, they are a curse for many teens.

  • Not the curse real. Fake

    According to other country, some child use phone. No, it is not curse yet because every child use an mobile play until teenagers, they didn’t feel curse (Or even their friends) But for some reason, like watch curse something for exam is curse phone, never thought devil number. The people in world always scare, fake. The curse number is totally fake except for oujia board game, they read and play so it is curse. But not phone.

  • No it is not.

    The mobile phone is not a curse for teenagers, while it can lead them to getting in trouble in school or with their parents it does not mean it is a bad thing all around for them. They need to learn to use limits and follow the rules set up for them.

  • The mobile phone is not a curse for teenagers.

    The mobile phone is not a curse for teenagers. Teenagers can often be seen becoming far too attached to things. If the mobile phones weren't around for them to be attached to, something else would be. Mobile phones aren't inherently a curse for teenagers to use because teenagers will be teenagers.

  • Teenagers are eternally distracted

    There is nothing to make one believe that mobile phones are a curse to teenagers. Teenagers have been easily distracting themselves and preoccupying themselves with their peers forever, and phones only serve a role similar to computers in general: making the distraction more tangible. Parents who complain about mobile phones are hypocrites, often without realizing it.

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