• It's an industrial process.

    Indeed it is. The education system changed little over the last hundred years or so, it was designed for a 19th/early 20th century world . Then as now students are taught like this "tday we're going to learn thing A and tommorow thing B". Well yes... You learn something ,but what if didn't understand the last lesson properly? Then that leaves a hole in students knowledge. Then comes a subject which the student has to learn ,but to learn it he needs to understand the subject that he didn't learn properly, still he has to. This makes the new subject harder to learn. Later on things get only harder until they get so hard that he completely looses any interest to learn. I think learning at your own pace would solve the problem.

    I would write more, but I want to see your opinion.

  • New Kids new Schooling system

    The kids that are falling behind are called ADHD or ADD, its a disorder but if you think about it they aren't really disorders there just different and there population is growing if it continues at the speed its at wont be long before half the world population (50%) is ADHD or ADD then having a normal persona will be a disorder because ADD and ADD do things better then the average human being ( before 1978) in certain ways and with the Average human being does it do better then the new form of human it comes down to right brained and left brained the new ADD and ADHD is a right brain living in a left brain schooling system. Its suppose to be the reform starting on 2012 December 21st which is the starting again of the cycle, the equinox humans are changing and its for the best. Government will no longer be corrupt and things will be done healthy no GMO's grown organic this is called The Indigo children.

  • New kids new system

    Population has bin increasing with ADHD and ADD and if it continues at the speed it will be no longer a disable but more then 50 percent of world population i don't find it a disorder they just need to be taught different its a disorder because you made it a disorder but there's certain thing that would make a normal persona a disorder if more then half of the population was ADHD and ADD, it comes down to the new version of human beings coming into play there more right brained working in a left brain schooling system.

  • Our education system is a train wreck.

    The American education system is an outdated disaster. In our information society age, we need to train people to think critically and analyze in order to solve problems. Instead, our schools hammer rote memorization into our children's brains, teaching them what they need to know to pass tests. It's not preparing us for a better tomorrow.

  • Lack of Development

    Our current education system does not allow individuals to develop their strengths. The curricula are too rigid for absolutely no reason other than control. We need to find our aptitudes and passions rather than filling out bubble sheets. Not to mention its all for profit... The whole book thing is ridiculous. Also, with all the money out there, if our government would give our education system a mere fraction of their military budget we could totally transform education into something that will actually benefit our children.

  • More technology is essential

    Kids today will do the vast majority of their work with technology, technology is the most important aspect of their life preparations.

    Also the way students are currently tested and ranked are irrelevant. School should be about learning not about testing and ranking kids. Also homework should be abolished. It does not add much value for the time it takes.

  • It has repressed creativity

    This education system repressed creativity and innovation. If somebody brings a new theory, he or she will be criticized, mocked in open public. It supports age old theories about the world. For example this system does not support origin of species by darwin. Instead it supports the genesis in the bible.

    Any new thing is a complete NO-NO in this system.

  • The scheduling system is horrible!

    I am a full-time student and I am extremely troubled with the scheduling system that has plagued colleges nationwide for far too long. Tuesday night I am forced to stay up until midnight to register for classes, because I am worried they will get filled up before I can register for them. Every option conflicts with another and leaves me with very spread out scheduling options.

    I am looking into my classes for Fall of 2014 and my options are extremely limited. I have a few different options that allow me to take all of my required classes, but they all have many drawbacks. One option forces me to attend only one class on Fridays for 50 minutes. That option also forces me to take another required class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 hour and 15 minutes, but that would be my only class those days. If I wanted to take more classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays I could take one class in the morning, leaving me with a 5 hour break in between. The specifics of these scheduling conflicts are not important, but the fact that I am sure most students have to deal with these sorts of conflicts is upsetting.

    Another factor is that I am a commuter student. I have to drive 40 minutes to school every day. I am also employed. I am thankful to have an employer with a flexible schedule that allows me to work when I don't have classes. However, this doesn't help the fact that I have to drive from work to school and back because I am only taking one class during the day, or that I have several hours of a break between classes.

    There are many ways to make this system better. My suggestion would be to group majors, so that students can remain with their classmates throughout their time at the school. I have a few classes without any others in my major, which is very odd.

    There are many drawbacks with this current system, and it feels like it hasn't been upgraded for 30 years or more. Why do students have to stay up until midnight to register for classes they need? Why are the schedules always conflicting or spread out?

    I can make some assumptions why things are the way they are, but really, it doesn't make sense. This is an outdated and frustrating system. I doubt I'm the only one experiencing these scheduling woes. I only have one year left, so I will probably just deal with them for the time being and forget about them after I'm gone. But I know it's very troublesome for me now in the present, and I am frustrated. I appreciate you taking the time to read my rant, and I hope you have some sympathy for my situation, as well as many others in my situation. I believe it is a time for change.

  • Age of Aquarius

    The age of Aquarius has bought to all life an era of awakening. That is why debates like this are plentiful. We are becoming aware of the hidden agenders and shortfalls of an outdated system being the entire workings of human civilization. Its the time of awakening, information, change, repair and healing. Spiritually humans are evolving to. Children born post 1970 (roughly) are more spiritually advanced than predecessors of past generations. Kids can see right through the old ways and will be the future of change. Schools are only slowing this progression.

  • No real development

    Parrot all the words, write them in paper and you get excellent marks. The practical way is not given importance. Word and PowerPoint are taught to kids who know way more and should be taught more and valuable things. A lot of mental strain. The true potential of a child is never realised nor are they given means or time to do better with their talent.

  • The system is fine. It's the attitude that is flawed.

    American education is not outdated. Our public schools, though maybe falling slightly behind in world ranking, are still respectable. Learning in a classroom, reading from books, solving math problems on a worksheet, following scheduled lesson plan, and participating in discussions are all still valid, and in my opinion necessary, exercises to shape well-educated and well-rounded citizens. School should be a model for the real world where teachers, like bosses, have reasonable expectations of students, like workers. If expectations are not met, the student has failed. The format of school should not change. Our attitudes about education, however, should.

    First, the no child left behind idea is wrong. I don't consider myself a social Darwinist, but if a small minority of the group cannot keep up, it is wrong to stop the rest of the class for them. Some people get left behind, and that is the reality of life. I'm not saying that we should discard these people as useless. They can still make valuable contributions to society. But they obviously will not be able to do that in the academic world. There are already career programs in schools for people just like this. As a society, we need to stop thinking that high level education is the only definition of success. People should be able to live a "successful" life by the definition of society if they pursue ANY career that they are good at. (Note: obviously the disabled and disadvantaged require special attention, but they still shouldn't drag down everyone else).

    Second, our teachers should be held accountable for their performance. Tenure and unions have too much power in our education system. A performance report should dictate who is promoted and who should be let go. Not seniority. In the current system, there are teachers that make only enough effort to squeak by the state education standards and no more. Learning is not defined by these standards. Learning occurs when you have a teacher that cares deeply about passing on knowledge to their pupils. And there are teachers in the current system that do this, but until we find a way to screen teachers, we will still have bad ones casting a shadows over the ones who do truly care.

    Third, everyone in our society has lost their desire to learn. The instant gratification of the Internet has eaten away at our curiosity. As John Oliver puts it, "The sense of wonder now only lasts as long as it takes to Google your question." Growing up with this kind of mindset, children and adolescents do not have the same desire to increase their knowledge or wisdom by reading a book or listening to the lectures and stories of a good teacher. Without curiosity and engagement, students will fall behind, tune out lessons, and not ask questions if they do not understand. The student holds most of the responsibility for his own education.

    True learning can occur in our current traditional classroom format, but we must change our attitudes.

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