Is the Modern Society Becoming too Unaware of What is Happening Around Them?

  • Fake news and games,

    Now i want to ask you a question. Right now what is happening in japan? Anyone, No. Now what is the most played game currently, Fortnite, Correct. This tells you that people know more of games then what is happening.

    Nowadays politicians and leaders do now want to spoil their countries therefore spread wrong news. Why? This is because they do not want to spoil reputation of country. Also due to high tech there is photoshop available which spoils our trust therefore people all no it is fake so they tend to not care and it does not affect them if japan is flooding therefore no one cares if i live in america as it is not affecting me. So i think that people don't care or rather too uaware of what is happaning around them. Thanks

  • Kids are too Unaware of what is Happening Around Them.

    Nowadays, Kids are constantly engrossed in their mobile phones, On social media, YouTube, Or games. The majority of kids now focus on what they think of themselves, Regarding their appearance, Instead of what matters ethically. They should be more aware of the growing population, Harassment rates, And the deterioration of our environment. I believe that kids should care about this more.

  • We have social networking

    I believe that it is helping people because now people are just able to press a button and poof you have info about the world or you can now comunicate with people in other countries and over seas and you are able to make people feel better if they are having a bad day or you can wish them happy Birthday easier.

  • Just the opposite.

    Long ago, People around the world were unaware of things beyond their eye sight. Not only minor things but major things as well. Over time, More and more advanced communication advances have expanded the available information at a rapid pace. We have gone from a time when people (outside the indigenous), Didn't even know the Americas existed to a world where every event, Major or minor, Can be seen around the world almost instantly.
    The problem is, With so much information, It becomes difficult for many to discern what is important and what is more trivial.

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