• Yes, the Monsanto Protection Act is bad.

    Monsanto is making GMO's left and right. They only tested them on rats for 3 months because the 4 month it caused brain tumors. I don't know about you but if such illnesses are caused by our food, I don't want to eat it nor feed it to my children.

  • Absolutely, People Should Be Kept Accountable

    If someone infringes on someone else's rights they should be held accountable, period. We ought to have a constitutional amendment that prohibits shields from liability under any circumstances. You harm someone you should be held liable for the harm and not shielded from responsibility arbitrarily by the legislature. If there are any good arguments for sometimes shielding people from liability then let them be hashed out at a constitutional convention, decided upon, and made into a consistently applicable set of rules.

  • Yes it is.

    I would like to say first and foremost that I think that the Monsanto company in general is a horrible corporation that should be banned from the face of this Earth. As such, any kind of law that protects that company is a terrible idea, and should be banned too.

  • Terrible, not bad, terrible.

    GMO's are harmful to our bodies and need to be banned from the United States as a whole. Monsanto is terrible, not bad, terrible. Needs to be gone, get rid of it. Get them out of here, they are bad for our bodies and can cause brain tumors, not good tumors bad tumors.

  • No, it's not.

    Monsantos is not the SUPER-DUPER-EVIL-CORPORATION people like to make them out to be. They rarely sue farmers, they do not sue farmers for cross pollination, they donate loads of money to charity, they have the potential to feed the world, they invest millions of dollars into safety. I am sick of these lies.

    You have the right to know, but the company is not obligated to label GMO. This is your responsibility. You can research the brand easy, and find out if the company that owns it, uses GMO.

  • I say no.

    I don't think that it is right to say that the Monsanto Protection Act is bad. While it does leave a lot to be desired in a number of areas, it's going to far to call the entire act in general a bad thing. We should not make such generalities.

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