• Yes, It's great

    The moon is the nearest (natural) celestial body. It is approximately 2, 100 miles (3, 400 kilometers) in diameter—roughly the size of the continental United States. The moon orbits at an average distance of 240, 000 miles (380, 000 km) from the earth. On the one hand, This is a tremendous distance. On the other hand, It is not so far as to be totally incomprehensible; some cars have as many miles on them as this. The moon orbits the earth in a roughly circular path, Taking about one month from start to finish. In fact, That is where we get the idea for a “month. ” According to Scripture, One of the reasons God created the celestial bodies was to be for signs, Seasons, Days, And years (Genesis 1:14)—in other words, To mark the passage of time. The moon does just that. It continually orbits the earth every month with clockwork precision. Additionally, The moon (the “lesser light” created on day 4) was designed to “rule the night, ” according to Genesis 1:16. Indeed, The moon does rule the night; it outshines every other nighttime celestial object. In fact, When the moon is out, It has a tendency to “wash out” most other astronomical objects, Making them more difficult to see. This effect is particularly evident when the moon is near its full phase. At that time, The moon is over 2, 500 times brighter than the next brightest nighttime object (Venus). LOOK AT THIS CLEAR GLORY FROM GOD, THE MOON IS DESIGNED SO THAT IT ORBITS AN EXACT MONTH AND IT GOVERNS THE NIGHT, JUST AS GOD PREDICITED!

  • God obviously designed the moon.

    Uhh I don't really know what to say lol, But I really do agree with the other arguments that were put before mine. Besides, How can something so complicating and mysterious just appear because of evolution? Also, To what the opposite team said, God does exist. It is naturally in our human knowledge, Whether you choose to except that fact or not. No one is able to disprove his existence.

  • God Made the Moon

    If the gravitational interaction between the earth and the Moon were greater than it currently is, Tidal effects on the oceans, Atmosphere, And rotational period would be too severe. If it were less, Orbital changes would cause climatic instabilities. In either event, Life on earth would be impossible. How Awesome is God!

  • No evidence to support it

    There is no scientific evidence to prove that god exists, Let alone that the moon was created by said god. Circumstantial and coincidental evidence does not count as evidence in the eyes of science. Also, As the bible was written by those observing the moon, It would make sense if some of the details lined up.

  • What is this God thing you speak of?

    First you have to provide evidence to support your claim that the invisible thing that you refer to as God actually exists. Then, And only then can you have an argument. If two people do not agree on the basic premise of an argument then you can have no debate. Before you ask any questions relating to the invisible thing you refer to as God, You MUST prove its existence first.

  • What? Wtf? No.

    No, The moon was not designed by God. Even if you pull the "but if the moon was x distance instead from Earth, All life would go extinct [etc. ]. " No, That's not how the world works. Not everything centers around you, Nor does everything center around life. The world wasn't created, Suited, Or ever changed for life. Life ADAPTED to the environment it was in. Just because the moon affects the tides in all, Doesn't mean life couldn't have existed. And yes, The moon's distance does change over time but the change is minuscule from year to year that it has a negligible effect on life. And yes, The moon is beautiful and all. But guess what? It ain't unique. It's pretty barren and boring compared to other moons in our solar system.

    Posted by: LLP
  • Not what the evidence suggests

    Again this all falls whiten the following category's listed below here.

    *Deliberately misrepresents information to suit their specific belief.
    *Uses vague terminology to allow for goalpost shifting.
    *Negative arguments and relating which are not testable/falsifiable.
    *Commits number of logical fallacy's and plain leaps in logic.
    *Unsupported assertions and ridiculous conclusion.

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