• Well, lets state the facts.

    If the sun produces light, and therefore creates day, then what produces dark and therefore makes night? Answer that non believers. Clearly it is the moon. Also, if it was fake, then how do we make Moon Pies? I don't see Sun Pies anywhere, now do I? Plus, my rule of thumb. If you see it, its real. That is why i think California is fake to this day.

  • It's real, but it's not as you think

    You may doubt what I am saying, but I know that the moon is real. Yes, the moon landing was clearly faked, but contrary to popular belief, the moon landing was not faked in New Mexico, it was faked on the moon.
    But the moon is not really a moon. It's actually a gigantic pig floating in space with a cardboard cutout of "the moon" strapped to its side for everyone to see. Yes, it exists, but it's not what you think. OPEN YOUR EYES.

  • Yea but it made of cheese

    The moon was created in 1847 by German physicist Arnold Germany when he launched a large amount of cheese into the stratosphere. As it flew it accelerated to the point where it broke all laws of the universe and expanded to the size of the modern day "Moon". Now the Moon orbits Earth, And the government is trying to hide it because it would solve world hunger and they're just too lazy.

  • Well of corse

    It is real (Now for random words) hi there I am cool hi there say hi I want to north dokota secret egassem hah hahah hahah hahhah hahah ha hah hahahh ahhaahh ahhah hahahh hahhah hahh hahahhahahahah hahah hhaha hh ha hhah h h hahahhaahah hhh ahh hahha hahh ahha (Jk) But Yes the moon is real

  • NASA being desperate

    You see, I am a scientist studying Earths true nature, And throughout history, Earth has been know to be spherical. Pythagoras was supposedly the first to believe that Earth was round, For example. But the truth is, Earth is surrounded by what seems to be a substance possessing the nature of fog, Shaped into a globe. The moon is merely an illusion created through the absence of the sun when it makes its cycle through solar flares, Which explains the solar eclipse.
    (im just joking. Just making fun of flat earthers:) )

  • Moon is a lie

    It was made by nasa to try stump us flat earthers. But common sense fucking proves that the earth is fucking flat! The moon landing is fake, Nasa have put things in our heads when we were born so we see some 'moon' thing in the sky. Fuck NASA, FLAT EARTH 4 LIFE!

  • Sorry to tell you this but. . .

    We're all just actually schizophrenics

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Accurate portrayal of the solar system^

  • Of course not

    Clearly, The moon is not real. It is merely a JPEG image of a large spherical rock printed onto the astral projection of the sky around us. I get that many may find this revelation overwhelming, But ask yourselves this. Why doesn't it turn? It never turns and stays exactly the same, Obviously it is a JPEG. Come on lads, Get it right.

  • It's so obvious.

    Moon has four letters. The two in the middle are the same, and the ends are one apart. So,
    middle=same and ends=one apart.
    Remember that.
    Anyway, the moon is in the sky, just like the sun. Sun sounds like son. Son and daughter. Daughter is one letter away from laughter. Jokes cause laughter. Jokes come in books. Books have ends. Ends = one apart. What's one apart from books in the dictionary? Bookbinding. The end of that word is "ding". Bells go ding. Bells are in towers. Towers are tall. Pyramids are tall. They're the same. Same = middle, remember. A famous pyramid is the Great Pyramid of Giza. What's in the middle of Giza. I. An eye in the middle of a pyramid. The moon is the illuminati confirmed.

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