Is the "More Kids in Foster Care Argument" for being pro-choice a bad argument?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Yes, it is.

    Yes, the "More Kids in Foster Care Argument" is a terrible way to argue pro-choice. Personally, I think people should still have the option, despite my disagreements with it - but wording it that way makes me want to change my mind. That makes it sound like we need to kill off our own children, which is terrible.

  • Yes, the more kids in foster care argument for being pro-choice is a bad argument.

    Pro-choice is just that, pro-choice. It should have nothing to do with the amount of children in foster care. I am sure the children in foster care would be happy that they were not aborted. Ok, so you don't want a baby, when you clearly didnt protect yourself, yet you don't want that baby being put in foster care. Where is the child's choice?

  • Yes, it is.

    The argument feels like it would imply it is better to kill off our children than put them into foster care. I know foster care is tough, and at times terrible on the child, but some of them do end up with good loving homes. I would rather take the chance of being one of the lucky few than know my parents decided I was not good enough to live.

  • It Implies Infanticide Is OK

    Abortion should be legal but not because more kids might otherwise end up in foster care. Whenever someone brings up that line of argumentation in some way either explicitly or by saying things like "how many kids have you adopted?" this sends the message that abortion should be legal in order to stop kids from ending up in foster care which further sends the message that foster care is worse than death which sets the bar low in terms of the point where suffering gets that bad. It also implies infanticide is OK if the woman can not take care of the baby.
    Abortion rights should be supported based on bodily autonomy, not by pointing out the irrelevant point that more kids might end up in foster care. I would rather be in foster care than not alive even if I was abused or neglected.

  • Not when put into context

    Pro-choice advocates realize that adoption is an option, however, when met with opposers who say abortion should be illegalized due to this option the "More kids in foster care," is a rebuttal. There is this idea that women who become pregnant don't use contraception. They do. It is not full proof but people often forget that children are NOT a punishment for having sex. This argument does NOT condone infanticide, however when give the choice, which is what the pro-choice movement is about, they wouldn't want to force their child into a home where they are not loved. The foster care system may work for some, but for others they are subjected to home after home and never have a stable life. Its about quality of life. Why force a child into a miserable life just to keep up birth rates? It doesn't make sense.

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