• Most of the time no, in some instances yes.

    The primary method by which it works is to prevent fertilization. However, if it is taken after fertilization has occurred, and before implantation has occurred, then yes, it will prevent the fertilized egg from implanting and thus cause abortion.
    It is unlikely, the timing has to be just right, but yes, it can cause abortion.

  • Conception can occur as quickly as within a ½ hour

    As stated by one of the respondents, conception can occur as quickly as within a ½ hour after sex. At conception, a zygote - or single-cell organism - is formed. The DNA of that cell is human, in that it is composed of 46 chromosomes, and is distinct from the precise DNA of both the mother and the father. The mother, if she takes the Plan B pill, is destroying or aborting that cell of unique human DNA.

  • It only prevents ovulation and hinders the sperm

    Unless the sperms are turbo speed and there's an egg there then conception takes well over half an hour. It usually takes some days even a week. The morning after pill merely makes the uterus not ideal for FERTILIZATION, NOT SUPPORTING AN ALREADY LIVING ZYGOTE. Experiments have been done to where the pill was placed with already fertilized eggs and literally no affect was had on the zygotes.

  • No, the morning after pill is not abortion.

    The morning after pill is not abortion. This is because the morning after you do not have a human being in your stomach. There are no signs that you are pregnant. You do not feel pregnant or have morning sickness. If you were to die on the morning after, nobody could take a human child from your stomach.

  • It Prevents Pregnancy

    People who think that the morning after pill is abortion are ignorant and unwilling to be educated. The morning after pill works by preventing pregnancy by delaying or preventing ovulation and so it only will work pregnancy has started. Therefore it is a form of contraception and not an abortifacient. There is evidence for this that people seem to be reluctant to accept. I do not understand how anybody can have any moral reason to oppose the supply of the morning after pill.

  • Basic Understanding Of Reproduction

    Anybody with even a basic understanding of human reproduction can say that morning after pills aren't abortion and should not be treated as an abortion pill. For those who claim it kills an embryo, it doesn't. It prevents one from being formed by flushing eggs out that would be fertilized

  • The morning after pill is not abortion

    By taking the morning after pill, you are preventing yourself from becoming pregnant, therefore there is no fetus to be aborted. It is an outrage to say the morning after pill is abortion, many girls are scared to take it because they think it's abortion and they don't want to be judged, and that is why there are so many teenager/young mothers!

  • The Morning After Pill Is Not Abortion

    Well at least not technically, and not really even under harshest of the ethical viewpoints that are used by anti-abortion proponents. While actual conception can occur as quickly as within a ½ hour, or before you can finish that after-sex cigarette, the foundation belief that abortion is the murdering of a viable heartbeat, is a long way from realization. To say the Morning After Pill is abortion would be just taking the concept of human protection for the fetus to a place where there is not even yet a fetus.

  • Not by any medical standard.

    The morning after pill works by delaying the ovulation process and by disrupting the ability of the sperm and the egg to meet in the fallopian tubes (if ovulation has already occurred). Because of this, there is never a fertilized egg to begin with. Since the definition of pregnancy is a fertilized egg that actually implants successfully in the uterus, there is no pregnancy occurring to "abort".

  • No, the morning after pill is not abortion.

    Morning after pills are not abortion. It takes place long before you have any sort of baby happening within your womb. It should only be considered abortion when the person has an actual child growing and about to develop inside the person's womb; not long before it even comes close to that point.

  • No, it isn't

    The morning after pill is too early in the process to be called abortion. Granted, some anti-abortion people would debate this as they think conception begins at the point a person sort of kind of thinks about maybe having sex with somebody that's in another zip code, but really, this is a preventative measure to getting pregnant, not a pregnancy termination.

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