Is the mother to blame for the shooting of Harambe the gorilla?

Asked by: 6autumnw
  • One of the most under-pretective mothers in existance

    I have one, very important question: Why wasn`t the childs mother watching him as he entered the enclosure? Why didn`t she say "Get away from there, sweetie" or "Please stay away from there, it`s dangerous"? No! She didn`t do any of these things! For all we know she may have let him fall in there just for her five minutes of fame.

  • Watch your kids!

    It is completely the mom's fault that the gorilla was shot. She was not watching her kid closely enough. I don't understand how the mother didn't notice her own flesh and blood scaling a high wall and trying to jump into the gorilla enclosure. And what further baffles me is that the child kept saying he was going to jump in the Gorilla pit,but the mother disregarded it and didn't try to watch her kid! The mother should be tried for charges of child endangerment.

  • Oh yeh she is

    Harambe was the savior of a nation. He changed the lives of many who visited the zoo. He made their lives dank enough to last 17 lifetimes. And then, because of a little mistake, our savior is dead. It's her fault. Point blank. Put a stamp on it . #harambeisnotdead

  • She just let the kid go in.

    How stupid is the parent? She just let him out of her sights without watching her kid. Harambe did a better job of watching the kid. The mother allowed her child to wander out of her sights and into the enclosure. Innocent gorillas should NOT be shot because of stupid parents like the mother of that child.

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  • She is responsible

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  • Yes, she is.

    She was neglecting her child, which is extremely bad parenting and absolutely the worst thing that you could do. First of all, they were in a public place. Second of all, they were at a zoo with wild animals. They might be in cages, but you never know what could happen. You should have your eye on your kid at all times and stop them from doing something that is potentially dangerous.

  • Yes she is.

    The boy made several comments saying that he was going to do exactly what he did, and yet the mother did nothing about it. She just chose to ignore these comments instead of disciplining her kid and telling him it was a bad idea. Trying to blame the zoo for a kid intentionally climbing over barriers is foolish. Those are obviously there for a reason.

  • No not the mother's fault ,nor child's, or gorilla.

    Come on guys, accidents happen, accidents will always happen with children no matter what. If your going to be mad at anyone its gonna be the Zoo's. Hey animals are meant to out in the wild, not caged up. No one wants to be caged up because its not right, it drives a person crazy and will surely drive an animal crazy too. The gorilla saw nothing but an opportunity for himself to do whatever it was he can because animals aren't around humans.

  • Let's not make this a parent bash

    First, let me say that in statistics, we don't generalize on a population based on a single occurrence. In that sense, I don't believe we can correctly or completely blame a mother for a single event. For all we know, the boy's mother was perfect in almost every regard and only now has she failed in being a good parent. Don't say that this woman was a bad mother just because the ONE time she failed in her motherly duties happened to be the worst time to fail. Furthermore, there are MUCH bigger mistakes you can make with a child. Does anyone remember the father who handed his kid an Uzi and the kid shot himself? That father did that on PURPOSE and we've all already forgotten about him. Or the father who gave her daughter the same weapon and she ended up killing the shooting instructor? I mean, come on guys. At least in this case you can say that it was an accident. There are hundreds of thousands of cases around the globe where a parent has put the child on danger on purpose and in MUCH more dangerous hands.

  • Think about it...

    Okay...So this was an accident we all know this its no ones fault. Okay so that last comment i made was a lie to a point. The zoo could have taken a COMPLETELY different approach to dealing with the gorilla. They could have tranquilized the gorilla to save the child. Considering that this was indeed a RARE gorilla. The mother in my opinion failed complete to be hence called mother. She should have watched her child and dealt with him. The mother isn't completely to blame for the killing its the mother,zoo's and the gorillas too. But of course the gorilla is just an "animal" and people say he didn't know better which of course is bull crap. Its everyone's fault the zoo didn't have to shoot the boy, the mother should have BEEN A MOTHER, and stopped her son from doing what he did and the boy could have not climbed the fence he knows whats there and whys its there.

  • Honestly, not the mother's fault or the animals fault either or kid.

    Let's take a step back guys come on, you wanna blame someone, blame the zoo's. Animals are meant where?! Yes in the wild and if they are not there they should be living in an environment that's open for them. Clearly the mom made a mistake, an accident happen, accidents always happen with kids that's just the truth. The gorilla honestly could have killed him, because all animals in the world hunt for their prey, it's how they survive. The minute they are put away somewhere it's just not the same and hell most of the times half of the animals don't like to be caged up or in homes because why? They are not free like they want to be, so they go nuts in the cage and when things like this happen it's almost like an opportunity for them.

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