Is the movement of 'meninism' a display of an insecurity of masculinity in our society?

  • Without a Doubt

    Feminism has always been a movement advocating equal rights for women and men. It does not favour women in any manner. Yes, it focuses on the empowerment of women but that's only because of the simple fact that WOMEN HAVE BEEN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST FOR CENTURIES and for them to be brought on an equal footing, they have to be provided with some privileges. THERE'S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN UNIFORMITY AND EQUALITY. When there exist differences between two parties, we cannot treat them both in the exact same manner and call it equality. The disadvantaged one has to be brought on an equal platform FIRST. So if that bothers men to an extent where they feel the need to develop a counter movement for feminism and call it 'meninism', that is most definitely a display of insecurity on their part.

  • Yes it is!

    Meninism is a petty movement by men who feel emasculated by the feminist movement. It is an unnecessary ideology in something that is more extreme than the patriarchy which we already live in to this day. We should believe in equality throughout the world regardless of sexuality, gender or race. It's 2018, let's move on from hating.

  • Feminists wish it was.

    Feminism isn't about women's rights anymore like it used to be. It has become a pillar in the liberal ideology. They aren't concerned anymore with the rights of women, But the rights of minority disabled lesbian LIBERAL women. They stand with LIBERALS, Not women.

    Meninism is a counter movement to the shit that third wave feminism has brought among Americans. It stands against third wave feminist ideas such as toxic masculinity, The future is female, And the wage gap which doesn't exist.

    This is coming from a woman by the way.

  • Equality is Equality

    The fact is most people view meninism as an anti-feminist petty group of men struggling to deal with the loss of power they experience s we as a society move towards equality, but it’s not. In the same way that feminism is the movement for the betterment of women’s rights, menenism is the movement for the betterment of men’s rights. Whereas sexism towards men is largely viewed as a hoax, it does exist. I say in the headline, “Equality is Equality,” because when the feminist movement claims to strive for equality yet belittles the menenist movement they are are claiming to stand for equality, yet at the same time discriminating against men. For the record I am neither feminist nor meninist I am on side equalitarianism as I do not see feminism not meninism as a solution to modern day sexism.

  • Fair is fair.

    Fact is, women have had equal rights under the law for decades. Their fight is over and they won their equality. If any woman feels discriminated against, they have every right to sue for damages. Thing is, just because you think you've been discriminated against does not mean it true or can be proven in court. There may be other reasons why someone may not get a job/promotion that have nothing to do with gender.
    Are there some/many areas were men are the majority in the work place? Of course, but that could be due to a number of reasons. Many women still want the housewife role as they tend to want to take care of the kids. There are also many careers that women don't tend to want like road construction, garbage collection, or mining because they are very dirty jobs. Some areas like construction tend to have high physical demands so women may not be able to compete as well because they statistically have lower upper body strength. Other areas may have more men or women in them because men tend to do better in some subjects like math and science were women tend to do better in social studies and communications. Another factor is the fact that women give birth so this could cause issues with companies that can't afford a worker to be out for long periods of time. In the end, there are some real reasons, outside of discrimination, that could cause an imbalance of genders in certain fields.
    Seeing that the feminist movement has continued long after they have achieved equality, this means any further movement would be toward superiority. In fact, there are some places that hire/promote women just because they don't want any claims of discrimination. Basically, women may be getting jobs/promotions even tho they are less capable than a man who is applied. This too is sexual discrimination so unjust. Because such claims are rarely seriously considered, I think they may have a point in promoting that it does happen.

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