• Music quality of iTunes

    Yes, the music quality of i tunes is good. I have ordered many of music downloads from itunes they have all come out well and sound good on my player. I do think they are overpriced when selling there music but they do produce nice stuff and it is fun to listen too.

  • Yes, the music quality of iTunes is good.

    I definitely think that the music quality of iTunes files are good. I have listened to some of it before, and the quality of it is amazing. I think that there isn't anything about it that makes me think that it isn't of a quality that is just as good as any other files out there for the market.

  • New low standards

    iTunes files sound good if you're listening to them through the tinny headphones supplied by Apple with iPods, but otherwise, on a real speaker setup, the music quality is extremely compressed, and even the concessions they've made to audiophile purists are extremely minor. They know that there's not a big market in people who actually care about sound quality.

  • The audio is too trancated to be good.

    The music quality of iTunes files is not good. This is because they truncate the size of the files to be able to be downloaded and uploaded online. Digital music is a downgrade from the records of the 80s, when there was room for high sound quality. As of now, any time a file can be downloaded online, it is truncated and therefore no good.

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