Is the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization?

  • Ofcourse they are

    What they did and they do in Egypt make me say Yes and yes and Yes,they made people in 2 parts and they tried to make a civil war in our lovely country Egypt they have a bad mindset and they hate non-muslim people they wants to kill all Christians all over the world

  • Its not a coup

    Muslim brotherhood are terrifing egyptians in the street they claim that police and army aare killing them this is not true and they claimed that it was a military coup which is not true at all its arevoultion against facisim we are suffering of their vilonce in the street killing and torturing support us to claim them as a terroist orgainzation

  • Yes the Muslim Brotherhood are a terrorist organization.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has close ties to terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya and Hamas which proves out their agenda. They have oppressed the Egyptian people often resorting with brutality. The Copt Christians were intimidated and threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood to the extent that some relocated to other countries. There are no thugs in a Democracy nor should there ever be.

  • Yes they are

    Yes it is They are killing innocent civilians right left and center in Cairo Egypt. They don't care if it's Christians or Children, they simply want to spread terror. I'm glad General Alsisi in Egypt asked the good decent Egyptian people to go out and demonstrate against terror. The Muslim Brotherhood is saying they will slaughter whoever they can.

  • Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization

    Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of violent killings & terrorizing opponents. Also MB has direct ties with most terrorist groups like Hamas. A book by one of their prominent figures, Sayyid Qutb, called Ma'alim fi-l-Tariq is the bible for many terrorist groups.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has shown in the past few days that it is willing to engage in violence and killing of innocent civilians in order to invoke fear in the hearts of its opponents. This is terrorism.

  • The MB's terrorized the Egyptians for the past year, by threatening bloodshed and burning of Cairo if Morsi gets ousted.

    I never knew how bad the MB's were until they started to rule Egypt. They have their own militia that killed many people during demonstrations. Videos exist on Youtube showing the MB's militia questioning demonstrators while torturing them. The MB's incite violence and threaten to kill everyone if they don't get their way.

  • They are killers

    Muslim_Brotherhood use children as human shield to show that they support Mohamed_Morsi .. The worst thing those children are not their children, they are orphans brought from charities to be used in political protests ..Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are abusing children by making them participate in demonstrations wearing "kafan", which is used to put on the dead before burying the dead.....To gain world Sympathy for the benefit of political support.

  • What more proof do you need

    To categorize this as a terrorist group... I would simply say they are a religious, social and international group. Amnesty International acknowledged "violent acts including torture and the use of live weapons" by Morsi supporters. ... They are founded and supported by Hamas and Al Qaeda ... Seriously isn't that enough? They jeopardize and kill any one who opposes their ideology ... They burned Churches and tried to create discrimination between Muslims and Christians, but they failed ... So they tried creating discrimination between sona and shi'a but they also failed. .... They kill children and throw them of buildings, they killed their opponents when they were in power.... They threatened the borders of Egypt, every time Morsi visited a country he promised to let go of some of our lands in exchange for God knows what reason, other than they are Traitors ... They have all kinds of weapons in Rabaa and they tortured innocent people and even tortured Morsi supporters who want to leave the sit-in. Oh and they do all that with the name of Sharia and call the rest of Egyptians infidels whether Muslim or Christians. P.S. Brotherhood are the same in Tunisia, Sudan, Libya and of course Syria. They are an INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST GROUP, for those who don't know.

  • They kill innocents

    They carry weapons, threaten people, kill innocents, destroy the roads which are considered as main property. They say it loud without fearing that they will kill people, burn properties and kidnap people and cause a lot of Chaos. If you see their videos on You tube and understand what they say in Arabic you will consider them as a terrorist organisation as they don't want to live peacefully like everyone else and abide by the law. They consider themselves above everyone else and always feel protected by outsiders.

  • MB is a terrorist group that is dangerous to all the world.

    They hold weapons against the Egyptian military and kill innocent people. The MB should be targeted by all the international community for its obvious extremism and threat of violence. Such an organization cannot integrate into the future political scene in Egypt since they don't follow the basic rules of human rights or democracy.

  • I'm not sure.

    I don't think that I am ready to make the claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. With that being said, I think that they are dangerous and are not a friend of the United States of America. We need to keep an eye on them quite closely.

  • The 89% are brainwashed.

    The 89% who said Yes are brainwashed by the corrupted media. The Muslim Brotherhood is a political party as any other party in any country. The only thing that they want to title them as a terrorists group to clarify why they kill them. I'm not one of this party but I'm tired of idiots.

  • No they are'nt

    They are only a political party with an Islamic orientation, but they don't have any terrorist organizations. This party exists in many countries. I am personally not a member of this party, but I know many of them, in my opinion they are good religious people. They are working in most of professions, among them you can see teachers, engineers, Doctors ... Etc.

  • No, the population of terrorists is too small.

    Personally, I think that unless, like, 50% or them are actually terrorists, they don't count as a terrorist organisation. It's almost like saying the Marist Brothers are a terrorist organisation. The population of people in this brotherhood that take their beliefs to the extreme is to small, so I believe that they are not a terrorist organisation.

  • It's Just Political Party

    The Muslim Brotherhood does not openly incite terroristic violence and hasn't claimed responsibility for any attacks. So far, it has merely called for peaceful protests, which all political parties have done at some point. It's ideological, yes, but so are all political parties. It conforms to strict Muslim principles just as the GOP conforms to strict conservative principles. That doesn't make it a terrorist group, it makes it a voice for its members. Terrorism implies overt and deliberate acts of violence--that's just not the case with regard to the Brotherhood.

    Posted by: bsh1
  • Even if it is, it got turned by the government and the police

    I don't think the bloodshed could be counted only on the MB. Both sides made the tragedy happen and that we are sure about.
    Kind of similar things happened in China, 1989. Young people died, a lot. Cleaners took 3 days to wash the blood off Tian'an Men Square. But now, the affair was not allowed to exist in history textbooks, or any book. This is the power of the winner.
    However, of course, I don't think the MB is doing the right thing. But one thing we should see is they both have guns! Not only MB.
    If the reason the government impeached Morsi is he did not do what people want, the government should do it. People don't want to die, so start with not killing anyone, if you want to rule the country.

    Posted by: Rio
  • They are a political party

    The Muslim brotherhood is a political party even if it is on the extremist side. It supports democracy and has several hundred thousand followers. It has government links and a full party structure just like any other political party. The fact that it is Islam based should not be cause to say that it is a terrorist organisation - this just comes from media bias towards non-Muslims and the steryeotypical view that a Muslim organisation is a terrorist organisation.

  • It is a democratic movement

    The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is an Islamist religious, political, and social movement. Following the 2011 Revolution the group was legalized, and with an estimated 600,000 members or supporters is considered the largest, best-organized political force in Egypt. Founded in Egypt by Hassan al-Banna in March 1928, the group spread to other Muslim countries but has its largest, or one of its largest, organizations in Egypt despite a succession of government crackdowns in 1948, 1954, 1965 after plots, or alleged plots, of assassination and overthrow were uncovered. In April 2011 it launched a civic political party called the Freedom and Justice Party to contest elections, described as having "the same mission and goals, but different roles" than the Brotherhood. According to the party platform, it intends to honor all Egypt's international agreements. On 24 June 2012, Egypt's elections commission announced the official results of the presidential elections in a televised press conference, naming Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi as the first post-revolution president, and the first civilian president since Gamal Abdel-Nasser and his fellow officers overthrew the monarchy in 1952.Following the 2013 Egyptian coup, Mohamed Morsi was overthrown and high-profile members of the Brotherhood Khairat El-Shater,the Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie and Saad al-Katatni were arrested or ordered arrested.

  • More Extremist than Terrorist.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a far-right Muslim Party. This party is much like the far right extremist parties which are surging in Europe at the time. Those parties aren't exactly terrorist parties, but they are extremist. The Muslim Brotherhood is another strain of far right politics and not really "terrorist."

  • They are a political group....Then you should also call the Tamarod group a terrorist org too

    That picture is from Palestinian Hamas...Which is a government....And all governments need to be armed.

    Ridiculously feeding into the propaganda.

    The Muslim Brotherhood might have an underground element, where they network with friendly politicians and business men across the region. Sounds like a strong political party.
    How is that any different of General Sisi's network of businessmen and arab countries that choked the country's economy before the "coup" then flooded the economy afterwards...

    Without condoning violence:
    You must realise how the 30 years corruption are deeeeeeep in the Egypt govt and big business...That will put in perspective some of questionable actions of frustrations the Muslim Brotherhood resorted....

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