• Sure why not?

    Just because some people believe we came by chance, doesn't mean we are obliged to believe that we (humans who have will and feeling) came from a willing-less felling-less thing

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  • Of course he is

    Allah is unique, the only Deity, creator of the universe and omnipotent. Arab Christians today use terms such as Allāh al-Ab (الله الأب, 'God the Father') to distinguish their usage from Muslim usage. There are both similarities and differences between the concept of God as portrayed in the Quran and the Hebrew Bible. The word Allāh. Many Arabic type fonts feature special ligatures for Allah.

  • No, he was a homo!

    He was created by the Romans. Falase PROFET. Look what his followers are doing today. He is in Hell! A fake, a fag, a hanger on! Just like the slime that follow him! Like little boys, ate pork, but told his followers not to. Couldnt write. Reasearch it! Jesus is God!

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