Is the Muslim Prophet Muhammad a good role model?

Asked by: DannyPoole
  • Yes Muhammad is a spiritual teacher like many others.

    Every spiritual teacher who arises comes out of a particular tradition and a specific culture. The Muslim prophet Muhammad came out of his own particular middle eastern society. Within that milieu, he attempted to give a framework of teachings that would allow people to live a more ethical life so in most instances he is a good role model.

  • He shagged a 9 year old.

    Seriously he had sex with a nine year old if the Hadith are correct. I don't think pedophilia is a good role model to anyone. Also he was in charge of organizing raids to capture goods from caravans, so a mob boss mentality is not a trait I would expect from a good role model.

  • Too much death

    The Muslim Prophet Muhammad has some really good advice so I can see where some could view him as a good role model. In my opinion though, he longs for too much violence, he is constantly wanting others to be killed, tortured, or maimed for their doings and beliefs. I can't find a person who teaches and asks for things like that a good role model for anyone.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-06T22:01:26.370
I've read that the only thing that the Quran says about Love
is the command that Muslims should love other Muslims.
Teachings for a more ethical life? Really?

Islam, by definition, means submission to the will of God.
There is no such religion as submission to the will of God.
Since people have been Refusing to submit all along,
Islam has to be False.