Is the Muslim Prophet Muhammad a good role model for mankind?

Asked by: DannyPoole
  • He was innocent

    He has never done anything wrong that offends anyone so how can you say no,The user 'stemaclean' says he marriend kids and had slaves first of all people can get married at any age if the love someone, and so far from what i know he never had slaves but instead he helped slaves.

  • He is a good role model

    One reason that the Prophet Muhammad was a good role model for everyone is that he was reliable, trustworthy and thoughtful. This is because he cared about others in the town and not just himself. For example, when he was living in Makkah, he was upset with the conditions. He hated the way that women and the poor were treated badly and also the drunkenness and gambling. This makes him a good role model because it teaches other people to believe in peace and not violence.

  • I am muslim

    Yes he is the best role model he is the one who teaches us islam the religion of peace he was always saying the truth he was the best father, the best teacher , the best husband , the best leader , the best ruler . Peace be upon him

  • Muhammad Is, His Followers Maybe Not

    The Prophet Muhammad is a decent role model for his time period. The Arabian Peninsula in the 600s was a dangerous place to live. He set a good example for those around him. As soon as he died, the followers of Muhammad left a lot to be desired. A war broke out between Muhammad's brothers! He couldn't have been that great of a role model if wars happen just because you're dead.

  • Yes Muhammad is a good role model.

    The Muslim Prophet Muhammad is a good role model for mankind because he believed in peace. He was involved in some battles and was very brave but he also believed in peace and doing what is right. Overall Muhammad was/and is a very good role model to follow because of his beliefs in general.

  • I wish he was

    Given 1. 7 billion people idolize him, It would give me peace of mind if he was. But the evidence show otherwise: He was a warlord who gave Arab Pagans the choice between Islam or the sword, Very early sources give accounts of him terrorizing Christian Syria and ordered adulterers, Apostates and homosexuals be killed. This is not a good man. Some try to point out all the very nice things he did but we can find similar things for Hitler, Does that make Hitler a good guy? I would love to be proved wrong. I wish some original Quran manuscript (or any other historical documents) would show up demonstrating Muhammad to be a person of peace, Love & harmony who was the victim of a conspiracy that wrongfully portrayed him as the warlord we know today. I just think it's highly unlikely that's going to happen.

  • He is trash thats it, Thats all

    He is trash thats it, Thats all. He is trash thats it, Thats all. He is trash thats it, Thats all. He is trash thats it, Thats all. He is trash thats it, Thats all. He is trash thats it, Thats all. He is trash thats it, Thats all. He is trash thats it, Thats all.

  • You must be kidding....

    People are doing bad things BECAUSE he is their role model. Muhammad beheads fighting age males at the Battle of Badyr and the Battle of the Trench and beheadings become a common occurrence. Muhammad used brigandage to fund his armies, Piracy is common in Somalia. Muhammad kidnaps during his raids, and kidnapping becomes a common occurrence. Muhammad orders the assassination of Abu Afak for speaking out against him, Cat Stevens condones a hit on Salman Rushdie. Muhammad allows the rape of women in captivity, foreign aid works get raped. Muhammad has a thousand concubines or "temporary wives" obtained from the men he killed, Boko Haram keeps the kidnapped girls in Nigeria after a raid. These guys are doing what the Sunnah concept says to do and repeating Muhammad's actions right out of the hadiths. Its one of the most basic tenets. How does Islam even survive in the information age? How can you even respect any opinion in the yes column when no one seems to address any of the talking points.

  • The things Muhammad did have no place in the modern world.

    Muhammad's pedophilia, slaving, and warmongering are well known and have already been covered. In addition, Muhammad ordered people killed for leaving the religion of Islam and insulting him. He also ordered that women be taken as spoils of war, which is tantamount to sex trafficking.

    Supporters of Muhammad make the argument that he was a good man for the time and place in which he lived. This may have some validity, but it's not a valid argument to support Muhammad as a role model. A role model isn't someone who is alright in some other context. It's someone whose path you try to follow, someone you want to be like. Nobody should want to be like Muhammad. Religious, sexual, and personal violence is not the kind of behavior that people should admire or emulate.

  • Pedophile and warmongering, threatening other religions

    Having sex with 9 year olds isn’t a very good idea, especially when your burning in hell. You said “I will cast terror onto the disbelievers so cut off their heads and fingertips”. Go read a Quran if your not sure. He wanted to attack people, and in fact worse than Adolf Hitler in my opinion. But I think it shouldn’t be “racist” for calling him a pedo, when he actually is in that category.

  • War monger and supporter of slavery and child marriage

    As much as the people at the time saw him as someone who was moderate for the time, and was a figure trying to bring order to society, that was a different time.

    We have grown beyond religious precepts, and by today's standards religious doctrines of most kinds are simply immoral.

    Given that Mohammed married kids, had slaves, and had negative attitudes about sexuality in general as well as homosexuality, and was a proponent of conversion by the sword, then it is impossible to see him as a good role model.

    A product of his time, perhaps, but definitely not a good role model for today.

  • He was a pedophile

    He married a girl of age 6 when he was 50 years old. How can such a man be a role model. He consumated that marriage when the girl was just 9 years old. Only a pervert and mentally sick person can perform such an atrocious act. He was a pedophile and corrupt.

  • Muhammad did not believe in peace!!

    Muhammad had to use force and violence in order to spread Islam. The truth is...No one wanted to know him when he used peaceful means.
    If the Islamic texts are read chronologically, one will observe Muhammad's increasing disdain of non-adherents to Islam. This is a fact that is covered by the order in which the text are presented.

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