• It was probably used as a deaddrop.

    The mysterious Russian radio station which plays a series of buzzing noises followed by a voice reading a selection of words and numbers was most likely used during the Cold War period to communicate with operatives without endangering them by arranging a physical meet with a handler. It is very unusual that this station is still in operation and it is possible it is still being used for this purpose.

  • Yes it is.

    Russian spy activity is the most likely explanation for this mysterious radio signal. It has been going on for many years, and their has been little to no explanation for it. Some sort of code, related to spy activiity is a likely explanation for this continuous stream of nonsense being broadcast.

  • We would be able to tell

    With all the gains we have made in technology, surely we would be able to determine if the mysterioius Russian radio signal was an act of espionage. It has been discovered that many unassuming household items emit radio signals and this could be the case here. With the long and convulted history between Russia and the United States, you can believe that our government is staying on top of the situation.

  • No, A Radio Signal Does Not Mean There is Spying.

    No, I do not believe that the mysterious Russian radio signal is a sign of spy activity, Although it could possibly be from spying, there are many other reasons that the radio signal could exist. It is very dangerous to continuously point the finger and accuse other countries of spying.

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