• Common sense is no longer popular

    I wonder if it is really necessary to explain why the N word is offensive. Which racial slur is actually cool to hear and use? Fact of the matter is the N word is unfortunately popular due to hiphop but in everyday life except for a few reprobate minds who use that crap among each other, there is NO WAY you're gonna get away with using it, and thats because all words have meaning and trigger reactions. This one, especially, has a history. The "its just a word" argument is funny. To those who think that way, I challenge them to live by what they claim to believe. Go ask your significant other to call you a B**** or S.O.B on a regular basis as a word of endearment, and tell your friends that they can call your children B**TARDS since those are just words. Then come back to me to tell me how it feels. I want to see you fools tell your children when they cry that "those are just words" and dad/mom's friends arent mean people. Idiots.

  • The N-word is usually perceived as racist to blacks

    Society as a whole thinks of the n-word as offensive. If it's not something you'd say to a parent or an African American person, it's probably because it's offensive. Look at what happened to Philadelphia Eagle's wide receiver Riley Cooper for instance. He got fined for a huge amount and is now frowned upon by his teammates and the whole league. Who knows what's going to happen to him now? Look at what happened to Paula Deen. Same thing, companies have now avoided partnership with her. She's now perceived differently. To find out if it's offensive, why don't you use that word with your parents? Why don't you say that the next African American person you see? Why don't you say it in front of a teacher? You know why? It's because it's racist and offensive.

  • By historical and contextual definition, yes!

    Being a multi-ethnic individual with some African ancestry, I have had this word directed at me on a few occasions and it was clearly with intent to offend and belittle me. Sure, words by themselves don't have power, words are complex combinations of symbols that create our language when MEANING is attached to them. As far as I'm concerned, attempts to reappropriate the word have all but failed and created confusion, resentment and a double standard as to who is allowed to say it when it really should be used less and less. Only then would it have a chance of exiting the vernacular. I don't use the word in ANY form and don't let the word offend me anymore since it was originally derived from a mispronunciation of the word Negro (black) by Anglo-Saxons that couldn't roll their R's.

  • It's more offensive when other blacks use it. Still offensive regardless.

    I don't understand how some black individuals see it non offensive when other blacks use it. It's more offensive if a black individual uses it. The word 'Nigger' is a term used against us. The word 'nigga' is the same thing. No one should say or use it. Including Black people.

  • The n-word has existed since slavery

    The word is an offense to African-Americans and it should be looked down upon to say it. Insulting someone by their race is ridiculous and should not be allowed in today's society. That being said, can someone please explain to me why Paula Dean has a controversy over it while many rappers frequently use the exact same word in their songs?

  • Only because of the history behind it.

    In the past, the n-word was obviously used in a derogatory way towards African Americans (mainly in the United States). The n-word was used in a time where African Americans were considered to be nothing more but property to slave owners. Also it was used in time where discrimination and other violent actions against African Americans were considered okay or normal by a good number of people. The n-word is offensive today because it's like a reminder of the history behind it and how it was used specifically towards African Americans.

  • Not to me but it is to most people so it's generally smart not to say it

    It's generally smart not to say the n-word because most people find it offensive, but I don't because why would I want to feel offended by a word. That isn't logical and I suggest other smart people to do the same and not be offended by the n word. But at the same time you want to avoid saying it because you could upset dumb people who think it's a good idea to feel offended by a silly word.

  • Disrespectful and racist

    Using the n word is a very disrespectful and racist term to the modern black community. To African Americans the this term is widely used amongst the culture but when an individual of another race refers to it it can be offensives. The reason for this is because this word coming from negro meaning black was always offensives because if you can see correctly you would no that human beings are not naturally the color black. This word dates back to the time of slavery a topic that is still tender to African Americans and when Caucasians and other ethnic races use the n word they tend to find offensives. It portrays the same affect as calling a Caucasian person white, cracker, or a honky. Also calling other ethnic races offensives terms such as an Eskimo to Inuit persons and Indians to native Americans.

  • In almost all context's

    Word's get their meaning from society. So words can never be inherently meanigful and it only makes sense to consider their meaning in the society they come from. The N-word's meaning in a modern context is virtually synonymous with racism. While in some context it may not be offensive I think it is heavily misleading to claim that the word is not offensive.

    First I would like to clarify what I believe the primary definition of the N-word is. It of course refers to black people but, it also sends a clear message that the speaker holds racist view against the black community. This is because everybody knows the history of the word and only the racists still use the word; assuming it ever had any other meaning. This is obviously offensive to black people.

    Now the usage that is often used to claim it is not offensive is when one black person uses it to refer to another black person. This reclaiming of the word by black people is still referring to the offensive term but using it out of context so that it can be used as a term of endearment. This works of course because a black person is so unlikely to believe in such ideas that even when it is clearly implied he is still not suspected of believing in the racism he seems to be saying. Now this obviously doesn't work for white people.

    Just because there are some scenarios in which a minority of the people can use the word without being offensive does not mean you can say the word is not offensive. The n-word is offensive so stop pretending otherwise.

  • Obviously it is.

    I see arguments that one race can use it where another cannot. To a lot of extent that is true but that does not mean a word is not offensive.

    Most blacks see the word as offensive no matter who is uttering it. Just because modern culture means that it is used does not change that. There are plenty of words of pure profanity that are used in some of today's music. Does that mean the words are not offensive due to some popular culture? Not hardly.

    Is it somewhat unfair that one race can use a term and although it might be offensive, it will not be seen as racist. That is a different issue.

    It is a fact, not an opinion, that the word is offensive. Trying to justify it as not offensive because a couple of teenagers call each other the word does not negate that, no more than calling each other M***** F*******.

    It is in common use in some modern hip hop or rap cultures? You bet. Does that stop it from being offensive? No way.

  • A word cannot be offensive.

    A word is given a meaning by society. So why should we create separate words designed to offend for things that can be said offensively? If it is something that cannot be said in a non-offensive manner such as "hate" then that is different. But what the n-word describes can be described can be described in a manner not intended to offend, so why do we choose to make it offensive?

  • What Are We Expected to Say?

    First of all, the idea of calling it the "n-word" is totally absurd. I want to state right now that I have no racial hatred at all, but I'm sick of this! First it was the deal with Paula Deen, and now it's in everything! Paula said what she did twenty something years ago, she grew up in Georgia (which at the time she was raised, racism was very common), and for the record, she has the freedom of speech, giving her every right to say what she did, no matter how many people disagree with it! If a black person said what she did about white people, there wouldn't be half the commotion!
    Second, the "n-word" is not racist. Racism is a hatred for an entire race. That's simply identifying the race. Saying nigger is the same as saying black, African American, etc. It's simply identifying the race, no hatred implied. Not to mention most of the people who say it are from the south anyway, so they grew up with slang!
    Thirdly, [they] call us crackers and whatever else they can come up with and it isn't made a big deal of in public! Why? Do they suddenly have more rights than us because of the guy in the White House? It's uncalled for! If we're not allowed to say the "n-word", I want ever single rap cd off of the shelves in stores and rap music cleared of that foul language. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH PEOPLE!

  • "Context" is bs

    People say the n-word is racist because everyone knows the context. Everyone knows the context from 150 years ago. Things have changed. The predominant use of the n-word is by black people who don't care at all anymore. They aren't saying "What up fellow slave?" they're saying "Hi person who is my race". The word itself comes from a pretty obvious root, "negro", which is black. Not evil black, not inferior black, just black.

    You want to continue to be mad at white people for slavery? Be mad at them for actually being racist. But where does this leave me? I'm not black or white, my people were barely in this country when slavery was going on. Do I get to say the "n-word"? Is it racist when I say it? Why is everyone except black people and sometimes hispanics being treated as if they are guilty of something that not only was addressed 50 years ago, but didn't even involve me?

    You're acting like the civil rights movement didn't accomplish anything if you decide to cling to what was wrong with the past and say "THINGS ARE JUST AS BAD AS BACK THEN IF YOU SAY THIS WORD". No its not. Things aren't perfect, but people dedicated their lives to making things better. Don't equate now to a time where minorities were physically separated from whites because of some arbitrary word association you read about in a book, but haven't even experienced yourself.

  • It's Just a Word

    African Americans use it to call each other the word in a friendly matter, but if a Caucasion or any other person out of their race called them that they would play the racist card. If they think if its such a bad word, then don't use it. Otherwise the word is used in a new slang to "friend" so I don't really see a problem.

  • Its just a word

    The N word is not the problem. The problem is people getting offended by something that someone saying it. This shouldn't be a problem but ignorant people don't know how to get over their sensitivities to understand that no matter what way you look at it it's JUST A WORD. No one has be physically injured or touched but this single irks and frustrates so many

  • Words are not offensive

    Words by themselves can not be offensive. It all depends on the context, person and situation it was used in. Words are not stationary. The definition of words evolve over time and people need to realize that. For example, the n-word used to be a word for degrading African Americans but it evolved into a word for African Americans that is similar to words like "dude" or "bruh."

  • A word is a word.

    Yes it has a horrible history behind it. But a word is a word, saying this word is offensive in all manner and behaving as if you should shelve this word as "The word that shall not be spoken" like some sort of Harry Potter phrase from "The name that shall not be spoken". The word doesn't have any such meaning, it was just a used word for that time. Letting only that race of people say the said word, and not white's or any other such race... Is it not racist as well?

  • I think it's a very no

    The n-word thing is just a doubled standard thing. It's so sickening to think about white people using the n-word towards a black is offensive. I can't see any logical reasoning behind that. Will you please enlighten me. It's outrageous how people become these days. They keep on making things complicate and all.

  • If you make it

    The word is so gaddamned ridiculous nowadays. No matter what context it's said in, people act like you just killed an entire preschool group. And then Black people go around using it and then claim that because they're black it can be said by them. Tell me, doesn't that sound pretty discriminatory? The way society views Nigger is ridiculous. To normal, sane people, the word is fine.

    Posted by: JSKT
  • A word is a word.

    A word cannot be regarded as offensive. Say the word nigger in an empty field. Nope no one hears it so no one is offended.
    Get some street kids greeting some of their mates with the word nigger in again not offensive.
    It is all a matter of how and in what context a word is used and who hears it. Even then if kids are calling it each other when greeting or whatever and someone over hears and feels offended that is their right to have their own opinion but they have no right to judge the kids using it in a manner that is not meant to offend the person it is said to.
    Mates nowadays often use what is classed as terrible words in jest and in communication with each other. People should just ignore something if it is not aimed at them or used in a offensive manner to whome ever it is aimed at.

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