• Think of its name

    NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. That name is very clear. It stands for advancing colored people. It's goal is not racial equality. When the NAACP was founded, advancing colored people was an important step towards racial equality, however, now, it would be better to create a group that promoted all people, and worked toward colorblindness.

  • The NAACP needs to be replaced with a young, new, clean group.

    The NAACP, over the years, has became less about equality, and more about black supremacy.

    The NAACP sues people for simply appearing racist. While bring racist is wrong, it's not illegal, and is still protected by the 1st Amendment. Hallmark was sued for using the term Black Hole in one of their cards.

    The NAACP has left viable proof in their words and actions that they themselves have become racist against the Non-Hispanic White race. They have gotten so bad, that they even sue other Black People for not supporting black people in a case.

    Everything becomes polluted with power and greed as time goes by. The only way to fix it is to replace the Civil Rights groups with new, modern ones (fit for modern times) over time. A Civil-Rights group that gets TOO powerful, starts reaching for racial supremacy, not equality.

  • Not needed in this day and age

    The NCAAP is not need anymore, not because I think that black or dark skinned people aren't worthy of anything, but because I truly feel that if you have a group that is selective based on race, then how on earth are you helping to solve race equality? The day that race is not brought up as a reason to choose someone, even if it for a good thing, will be the day that racial equality will happen. Using the past as your reason for getting better in the future is bull head and can even be childish. If the president of the USA can be black, this means that one of the toughest jobs to get can be achieved by darker skin people.

    Posted by: Rxan
  • Reinforces social Barriers

    As long as there are groups like NAACP, people will always percieve a social war between different ethnicities, because it will technically be true. Advocacy groups like NAACP, NRA, etc. Have to fight on behalf of even the most radical and unreasonable people in the groups they represent, because it is the entire point of their existence to continue fighting something or other. Even if 90% of black Americans are ok with a certain situation and see no racial undertones in it, if a few militants overreact and decide they are being targeted, the NAACP will support their position and fight. What this does is make it look like racial groups are constantly trying to antagonize eachother and make out everyone but themselves as evil, which in turn makes those other people decide they are extremist and have no interest in seeking true discourse. The process of trying to achieve true racial equality is derailed because alot of people see it is a pointless endeavor if groups like NAACP will never be satisfied. There may not yet be full racial equality in the world, even in the US, but using heavy handed advocacy groups is like trying to pick away the last few bricks of the Berlin Wall by shooting a cannon at it. The means of over-the-top protest and revolution used in the 60s isn't necessarily what we need today.

  • Whites no rights

    I feel the NAACP doesn't want equality, they want superiority over the white race. They have everything we cannot have. BET, United Negro colleges for example. There are as many black on white crimes as white on black. This country will never survive as long as it is one-sided. Kp

  • National Association for the "Advancement" of "COLORED" People!

    Is there really a need for advancement of any race in the year 2013? Its more like the NAACP Is only about the Superiority of Colored People! Think about if the NAACP stood for National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian People. By the way, I am of the Human Race!

  • NAACP is a joke.

    The NAACP is using their position as a group of power to keep people in fear of using terms or phrases that re common everyday and cause no problems due to the fact that someone might become offended. When clearly, people aren't that sensitive and only use it to get leverage on other races. Black youth use this the same way now. They can address each other using the "n word", but when someone of a different word uses it, it suddenly becomes offensive.

  • NAACP is just fine, quit hyperventilating about black power

    NAACP is a fine organization that devotes most of its time and resources to the health and education of black people in America. Yes, it also lobbies Congress about black issues and provides legal support in cases deemed politically important to black causes. I see little evidence of a black supremacy movement within NAACP's ranks although I'm sure an extremist or two could be discovered. It should be noted that NAACP is generally young and current, having exiled some of the old guard leadership in support of Gay marriage. I don't think the Hallmark story is very representative. There was no lawsuit. An LA branch expressed their concern that an audio clip sounded less like "black hole" and more like "black whore". Hallmark agreed to pull the card. Doesn't sound much like a violent overthrow of the white man to me.

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