Is the NAACP hypocritical when they support juvenile curfew laws?

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  • Of course not! The NAACP is supporting a policy that helps keep young kids out of trouble.

    It's logical for the NAACP to support city-wide/regional curfews. Young kids that stay out late are likely to lose out on hours of sleep, which can effect school performance. Kids that stay out late may also not have the energy to get out of bed in the morning to attend school - and this can have a major impact on their education, job opportunities, etc.

    It's perfectly reasonable for the NAACP to support juvenile curfew laws. Organizations like the NAACP and others have a responsibility to support policies that benefit the nation's young people!

  • Don't All Races Have Curfews For Juveniles

    All I know about this organization is that they are for colored people's rights. I am not sure what the controversy is about for them wanting juvenile curfew laws? I think most people know that nothing good comes outside after 10 pm. So, how is it hypocritical for them wanting the youth to have a curfew, no matter the color of any kids skin? It keeps them out of trouble and safe.

  • No, just trying to keep its youngsters safe.

    The NAACP has the job of standing up for the rights of African Americans and that it does. However, it is still going to be concerned with keeping its young people safe. To be realistic, that will probably mean that,until we get a fair society, it is better for youngsters, especially minorities, to be indoors at a certain point.

  • The NAACP is not hypocritical when they support juvenile curfew laws.

    The NAACP is not hypocritical when they support juvenile curfew laws. Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization. They fight for the rights of everyone and they are just trying to keep children safe. They do not want kids wondering the streets alone at night.

  • Curfews Are Good Parenting

    I believe the NAACP realizes that parenting means putting some restrictions on youth and curfews are one aspect of those restrictions. I do not believe the NAACP is being hypocritical when supporting these laws, because they only have the youths best interest in mind when supporting it. No one is trying to punish youth, we're only trying to protect them from potential problems they may encounter.

  • NAACP Tries to Save Lives

    The point of juvenile curfew laws is to try to save lives. The NAACP isn't hypocritical by supporting these laws. The organization simply doesn't want innocent children accidentally becoming victims of crime while out on the streets by themselves. The sad fact of life is that some kids die because they are bystanders to violence in their neighborhoods.

  • No, they help people avoid trouble.

    No, the NAACP is not hypocritical when they support juvenile curfew laws, because they are only making a choice to support a rule that they think fulfills their mission. It advances the cause of colored people to avoid crime by being in their homes by a certain hour each night when they are young.

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