• The NAACP is definitely still needed

    Since racism continues to exist then the NAACP is still needed.The NAACP can work to assure that the government lives up to the agreements that they made to minorities throughout the years.They tend to be a type of watchdog which will always be needed no matter how equitable society seems to be.

  • It is REVERSED racism

    The NAACP only hits the spotlight when it is a non black on black crime.
    Where they at on the black on black crime?
    They do not allow a non black as a member. Racist!
    They focus on the white hate groups ( this is a good thing)
    What about a group the focuses on black hate groups? They do exist
    The blacks have BET tv black entertainment television.
    They would be up in arms if there was a wet tv.
    White entertainment television. Why can they have the ire tv stations and groups but other races can't?
    By the year 2047 the whites will be a minority.

  • NAACP is not needed!

    NAACP was created in 1909! For the colored people who unfortunately had no rights at that time. Now in 2014 we all have equal rights in America. If people are stating that we need NAACP due to kkk and other hatred groups. Then I feel the name should change to cover minority groups in America. NAAMA! The National Association for the Advancement of Minority Americans!

  • NAACP not needed

    The NAACP was created for the purpose of advancing colored people. Well unless there is a race that is blue, green, or purple I don't think anyone in this country has a problem succeeding. If they stay in school, apply themselves, go to college, choose a good job, work hard, trust God, then there is no holding them back. The NAACP is not needed anymore

  • The NAACP inadvertently maintains racial barriers.

    In years past, the NAACP did unquestionably noble work. They helped lead the charge in achieving racial equality. However, in today's modern setting, such an organization can only do more harm than good. Only by dropping the issue of race in the social domain will the problem be solved. By saying that there is even such thing as a "black" or "white" person creates a divide. In order for the NAACP to survive, this divide needs to exist. It does its fair share of "stirring the waters" by giving the appearance that the fight for equality is not over, such as the wholly misrepresented voting rights law changes in 2012 and 2013. The election of Barrack Obama as president should be an indication that racial issues are not so much a problem that they require an organization such as the NAACP to moderate them. While conditions need to change on both sides of the issue, realizing the anachronism that is the NAACP is the first step. The day that we can look at any one and refer to them as just a "person" instead of labeling them as "white" or "black" will be a beautiful day, and the NAACP is not helping in achieving that end anymore.

  • Racist America Still Needs NAACP

    As long as racism exists in America, the NAACP will be necessary in order to protect the civil rights of blacks in the United States. The foundations of the NAACP may not be needed anymore since civil rights legislation passed Congress in the 1960s. However, there are still racist elements in this contemporary society which necessitate the NAACP. There are still elements of the KKK in existence, so until they disband, the NAACP needs to be around to counter the Klan's hatred.

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