• Black is only one color.

    NAACP does nothing for Asians and Hispanics. The organization is there to make a few people rich by race baiting. And the media lets them get away with it because they are afraid of blacks. What are the accomplishments of that organization as to minority education, business opportunities, etc.? Well, there isn't any.

  • Yes oh freakin Yes!

    Lets start with this: white supremacist care only for whites, correct? The NAACP cares only for blacks, correct? The Nazis hated everyone but themselves, correct? The NAACP could care less about other people, correct? I don't see any difference between white supremacists and Nazis or the NAACP. Another thing, why is it okay for them to make racial slurs but God forbid another race says them and then it's all about civil rights. They are a damn joke. All those jackasses with "Rev." in front of their name are a disgrace. Sorry. Worthless crap, call white people racist, they are the complete definition of racist!

  • They Are Biased No Matter What!

    The jury has spoken and no one in the NAACP was at that scene. They are basing this on race and not the proven facts. The NAACP is the new KKK. They promote injustice and hate based solely on race and not the facts. We have a mixed President and I am proud that he is black and white. So please stop the hate!

  • White is a color

    The NAACP fuels racial tension by only advocating the perception of black citizens. The NAACP creates a crutch for those blacks disenfranchised by society. The NAACP supports the 'chip' on the shoulder of every black citizen by creating the splinters of a what could be a homogeneous society. Are we all of color? Why therefore in this multi-racial society does the NAACP spread racial segregationism?

  • Absolutely, their sole purpose is the advance of "colored people"

    All they advocate for is blacks. All they point out & march on is racism, against blacks... White on black crime. Black on white crime is fine in their eyes... It's almost like it's justice for all the years of inequality. As long as organizations like this exist, racism will run rampant.

  • It is how they make their money.

    Anyone that says no is either, dumb, ignorant, or biased. The NAACP makes their money off of the perception of injustice in the black community. The second that seems to be equal is the second that the NAACP collapses. They support people based on color? What if white people had their own awards, groups, tv channels? It happened in the 60's and we decided it was wrong for society to do that so we grew as a country and threw it out. Now the media is trying to get rich off doing the same thing we matured passed 5 years ago, just for black America rather then white America. I mean the NAACP complains that there are not enough white coaches, QB's, and owners in sports. Have you ever heard of white people trying to file suit for not having enough white athletes? I dont thing there is a white RB, or starting PG. As a matter of fact in the two major sports NBA and NFL, I think it is at 80 20, for black and I think that is a high percentage of whites. Yet there are no complaints, just the understanding that talent and skill will fit in where they should. Yet the NAACP says a black man should not get into school, or job by his own merit or content of his character, but should have the government force companies to hire him, otherwise making his color better then white, not equal too. MLK is crying at what has become of his dream, they are no longer fighting for equality, but fighting for superiority. And I guess in that way, the NAACP is white America.... Just with black skin!

  • Racist by definition

    If George Zimmerman had been black, the NAACP wouldn't care less about him being acquitted. Likewise, if Trayvon Martin had been white, the NAACP REALLY wouldn't care less. They are racist by definition. If there was a NAAWP, society would be crying racism all day long. Think about it. NAACP is the most racist organization on the planet.

  • Yes, and this is coming from a black person

    Where is the NAACP when a black person kills a white person? Nowhere! Where is the NAACP when another race kills another person? Everywhere. Especially when it's media involved. The NAACP should be dismantled, and there should be another group formed, except this group is for every race. Ban the NAACP.

  • Action speaks louder than words

    As a civil rights organization with the specific aim to promote political, social or other agendas for a select few while ignoring the rights of others BECAUSE they don't fit the profile of membership is racism. The NAACP has a history of lending support to causes that only inflame and increase racial tensions. There leadership within the wider community is limited to sensationalized court cases, and siding not on the side of reason or even right but color of one's skin. Where are the civil rights of others when an organization's stated goal is to promote political agendas? Its imposing on other people's civil liberties BECAUSE they aren't "colored" (to borrow the term from the organization itself). Its a racist organization kept alive by largely self made racism. When people react to them negatively its decried as racism. NAACP may have been a civil rights organization in the beginning but has become a self sensationalizing bigot inventing racism to react to.

  • Yes, they support the advancement of a singe race over others

    This is exactly what the Nazi party in Germany was based upon. The "master race" is what they thought they were. This is exactly the thoughts of the NAACP. They believe that colored people have priority over all other races, especially "whites" (which is not actually a race, but I digress).
    Any group that divides people based on race is inherently racist (by definition of "racist")

  • No No No they are not!

    No they just want to make everything equal for blacks in this world and eliminate the hatred towards blacks. The reason probably they are all black is because they know how it feels to be racist or being judged by the color of their skin! I still don't get why people think they hate whites THEY DONT!

  • No, they are just advocates.

    Sometimes when people work to support the rights of a disenfranchised minority, they get branded as reverse racists, but that is not true. The NAACP represents a range of views on black progress, just as blacks themselves represent a wide view of what it means to be black. But they are not arguing for superiority or special rights, just fairness.

  • the NAACP is not Racist

    The NAACP has been a beacon for equality ever since its inception. Suggesting anything to the contrary is simply not true. They have fought for the equal rights of blacks and made significant progress. They do not see white people as enemies, they see a world of people who should be united. Obviously blacks were once treated differently in this country, and they work to solve that.

  • No

    I do not think that racist is the correct word to use. I think that they only have one race in mind when it comes to their doings. I do not think that they have it out for any other races or they classify any other races but they just look out for one.

  • I see the KKK is in here posting comments.

    I see racist people still have a problem with comprehension. You all live under a damn rock. Are you people really that stupid? I love hearing people's opinion regarding topics they know nothing about. So ignorant! I have no hope for you or the rest of this country. It will destroy itself from the inside out because of fools like you. America is doomed. Next will be attacking an organization that works to eliminate sexual assault of women and children?

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  • No they are not.

    The N.A.A.C.P is not racist it is not biased, either. I don´t like them but I don´t hate them. They are just trying to help black people get respect. I am white. Yeah so what they don´t look out for the Asians or the natives. The C.B.C does not look out for them either, it is for Canadians. They are not racist neither is the C.B.C

  • They are not Racist

    According to the NAACP webpage,

    The following statement of objectives is found on the first page of the NAACP Constitution - the principal objectives of the Association shall be:

    To ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of all citizens
    To achieve equality of rights and eliminate race prejudice among the citizens of the United States
    To remove all barriers of racial discrimination through democratic processes
    To seek enactment and enforcement of federal, state, and local laws securing civil rights
    To inform the public of the adverse effects of racial discrimination and to seek its elimination
    To educate persons as to their constitutional rights and to take all lawful action to secure the exercise thereof, and to take any other lawful action in furtherance of these objectives, consistent with the NAACP's Articles of Incorporation and this Constitution.

    I'm white and even I can see that this is not a group promoting racism, this is a group promoting equality and justice

  • There's a tremendous amount of ignorance behind this question.

    Read up on the historic context of the founding of the NAACP, of its role in the Civil Rights movement. Go to the library and check out W.E.B. Dubois' "The Souls of Black Folk". THEN come back here and render an *informed* opinion.

    What's next, claiming that the Southern Policy Law Center is racist?

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Negros against all Caucasian people ( what more needs said )