Is the nation of America the greatest war criminal in the world?

Asked by: peter_havers
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  • No, America is a light on a hill.

    No, America is not the greatest war criminal in the world, because America has done more for the world than any other nation. The greatest war criminal in the world is still Adolf Hitler, who killed millions and millions of people that he considered undesirable. The United States only takes military action when necessary, and never hurts innocent people intentionally.

  • How the heck would the US be accused of such a thing?

    What has the United States done that would even be questionable or comparable to MANY other nations?!? Do you know how many innocent people that the former Soviet Union, or even Russia, has killed? How about Imperial Japan? How about Nazi Germany? Even the United Kingdom? Iraq? Italy even?!? It's unbelievable how you can even question the United States of being accused of the war crimes that these countries have made in the past. I know that many of you are going to mention Vietnam and I admit, we committed some war crimes, but that absolutely does not make us the greatest war criminal in the world.

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