Is the Natural Gas boom doing more good for society than harm?

  • Natural Gas Keeps Oil Prices Steady

    Natural gas exploration in the United States has kept oil prices steady and even lower than the staggering gas prices of 2007 and 2008. Natural gas emits fewer carbon molecules into the atmosphere. The industry, though somewhat hazardous and dangerous, creates jobs. It also creates energy independence in America so as to alleviate oil price fluctuations due to foreign crises in the Middle East and Russia. Overall, natural gas does many good things for society at the present time. Although not perfect, it's better than relying on foreign sources of oil for energy.

  • More jobs available.

    Yes, the natural gas boom is doing more good for society than harm, because there are a lot of jobs available now that weren't available 10 years ago. The natural gas boom is also lowering the cost of energy in the country. We are also less dependent on oil from the Middle East.

  • The Natural Gas Boom Harms Society

    Natural gas is still a petrol product. It is actively wasted by oil and gas companies as off shoot. They don't capture and sell the natural gas because it is inefficient to transport and use. Because it is a fossil fuel it hurts the environment. It also continues to perpetuate the myth of never a never ending cheap suply of fossil fuels.

  • Comparable To Oil

    I do not believe the natural gas boom is doing more good for society than harm. Natural gas is comparable to oil in that it's a finite resource. We need to focus on renewable energies to create a sustainable future. Depending on natural gas now just pushes green energy out.

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