Is the nature of debate in modern U.S. politics flawed?

  • A Flawed Process that has undergone little change

    The nature of debate in modern U.S. politics is by no means perfect or acceptable. Accusations are made, differing figures are presented, all the while the audience is left clueless as to what the actual facts are. It's a finger pointing match and almost nothing more. The nature of debate in US politics is in need of serious reform - reforms that allow for more fact-based checking to provide the audience with objective information.

  • Of Course it is!

    Their is no question about it that politics are flawed to a degree. This past term was a prime example. There was several different times when questions were asked, but than they beat around the bush, and not really answer it. At the end of the day, Republican, or Democratic, the system needs to be fixed, and when they are needed to do something ( Example work on the fiscal cliff issues they need to be worked on)

  • YES, the nature of debate is flawed.

    Seriously flawed. All politicians do nowadays is rip each other apart, they don't even really "debate" on anything anymore. Debates aren't peaceful like they once were, they've turned into a three ring circus. We the people never get to truly understand where each party stands on an issue because of this.

  • Fatally so

    Four years ago, the level of "we Y are always right, those X are always wrong" in U.S politics was absurd. It has since multiplied to levels that are almost unfathomable. There is no real debating left, all that politicians are ever quoted as saying is how awful the other party is. There is no end in sight as from the moment elected politicians take office they are campaigning for re-election as opposed to addressing the issues they were put in their positions to.

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aicram62 says2013-12-03T14:32:59.837
I think all people who have won their parties primary should be allowed to the debates. I think the candidates should be allowed to have audio visual support. I think they should all be given the same amount of time, put on a timer that connects to their microphones. When they talk their time counts down. When their time is up their mic cuts off.