• No it's not

    The swastika stands for good luck and was just used for something bad you should hate in it because it was used as a trick not to be racist it is not racist. It is not the swastikas fault that the Germans used it in the war. Not racist at all

  • It isn't anything. It's meaningless.

    The Nazi flag isn't racist. Even if you were to correctly state it being racist, you'd have to say it represents racism. A flag can not be racist. Flags are nothing but what one chooses to become representative of it. Symbolism is a human concept and construct that we apply to objects that would otherwise be meaningless.

  • It's a symbol for fallen German soldiers

    Like the confederate flag, while wrong doings happened under it, the flag is not a symbol of racism, but a token to those who died fighting for Germany in WWII and the values they fought for. Such as their rights which they hold so very dear to themselves till this day.

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