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  • Exploitive entity that behaves like a cartel

    The NCAA has the audacity to claim it cares about student athletes, When nothing can be further than the truth. They are a billion dollar industry that purports to be the synthesis of academics and athletics. In the large, Revenue generating sports such as men’s football and basketball they make massive sums of money on the backs of young men who risk severe injuries and chronic pain that they will carry the rest of their lives and once the NCAA and the colleges are through with them, They kick them to the curb without these individuals earning a dime. And this only scratches the surface in terms of recruiting violations, Pay to play scenarios, Bribery, Extortion, Covering up sexual assaults, And fostering a culture of toxic masculinity. There is almost certainly a racial component as well, As rich white males aggrandize themselves again, On the labor of AA athletes, Often from marginal backgrounds. Minor league systems for both need to be developed, Or alternatively, The NCAA needs to insist athletes get a decent amount of pay and health benefits.

  • Missed double dribble in Auburn vs. VA title game

    The NCAA is doing a disservice to sport by permitting infractions such as this to result in the wrong team winning a game. The NCAA is corrupt to allow obvious calls to go uncorrected by not allowing instant replay at least in the final two minutes of the game. The NCAA and NFL are corrupt organizations whose main concern is $$$.

  • They don’t want to pay kids “legally”

    Commissioners making millions while the kids they exploit get nothing. Most likely 80% of top programs are bribing players to attend their school. Students getting molested while programs look the other way (Paterno). Assistant coaches raping girls while their head coach (Izzo) looks the other way. Assistant coaches beating girls while the head coach (Meyer) looks the other way. The list goes on and this only whobwas caught. It’s a joke and most of the country allows it. Disgusting!

  • Yes they are.

    The fact that a kicker from UCF got his scholarship taken away from him because he was making money off trick shot videos he made on youtube is kind of messed up. All in all people should be able to make money off their talents through forms of social media and other such things.

  • Baker Mayfield Rule and Transfers

    The NCAA is clearly violating the antitrust laws in the US. The Sherman Act of 1890, The Clayton Act of 1914 and the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914 all restrict the formation of cartels and prohibit collusive practices regarded as being in restraint of trade. If the player is considered a commodity, The NCAA is in clear violation of the antitrust laws. The clearly treat their athletes like a commodity and restrict free trade.

  • No question they're corrupt

    Do they pay their student athletes who line their pockets to the brim with cash off the the hard work and sweat they put in to be "privledged" enough to play in the collegiate level? Or what happens when injury takes a player's ability to stay on the field away, Do they get any compensation for the billions of dollars they made for the NCAA? To say the NCAA is corrupt is like saying we breathe oxygen. No shit.

  • Everyone but the athlete makings too much money!

    Too many kids have sacrificed their lives on the alter of the NCAA. Bring these kids into colleges then make the work fulltime, Schools, Coaches and NCAA officials make all the money. As many kids go on to post college careers in sports, 10 of thousands get pushed and forgotten with nothing!

  • Corrupt as fck

    Watch the show Ballers. Nuff said. Schools make billions from kids that don’t get paid to play. It seems I need more words but I’m just going to write random stuff cause the corruption is so blatant what is the point of doing that? Abra ca dab ra bro ham

  • Corruption with intent or negligence, just the same

    It's time for an investigation of the NCAA leadership AND referees. I've watched the most inconsistent game calling I have ever seen this year; Refs on the take ? A huge amount of games were called in the last minute of the games by some weird call by a ref. The NCAA leadership chooses which teams it wants to discipline; time frames and punishments are seriously inconsistent. Why are players penalized for past sins of coaches when they didn't even play at the school during the violations. The NCAA just keeps making money and seems not to care about criticism until it faces a court case or investigation by Congress. I say it's time for an investigation of NCAA leadership AND Refs. No one blessed them as the Supreme Court of college sports.

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  • I don't believe that the NCAA is corrupt.

    I don't see any decent evidence to suggest that the NCAA is in any way, shape, or form corrupt. They are a business like anyone else, and have a vested interest in being fair and accountable to the public. To be corrupt would risk their profits, and no real business would do that.

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