Is the need to develop in poor nations of more importance than protecting the environment?

  • People matter first

    Our first duty should be to protect the rights and lives of human beings over the environment. The environment is fragile, but it has withheld many centuries of sieges and conquest. There is nothing more precious than a human life and it is out duty as people to protect others.

  • Environmental protection requires resources

    Protecting the environment is a noble and necessary goal. However, it takes resources, money and creativity to find solutions that maintain rising standards of living while also improving the health of the Earth. Poor nations need to be developed to grow the global economy enough to find the resources and money needed to fix the Earth. Also, proper development of those nations will make those nations cleaner anyway.

  • Yes it is

    I think that helping out poor people who are in extremely poverty should always be way more important than trying to help the environment. These are real people who need to live on food and water to survive, and I think they should always come first over the environment no matter what.

  • Learn From The Past

    I do not believe the need to develop in poor nations should be of more importance than protecting the environment. These developing nations should learn from the experiences of the developed nations and try to avoid the same mistakes. If you a developing nation isn't stuck on cars, then they should avoid them or develop environmentally friendly ones.

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