Is the Neocatechumenal Way a brainwashing technique utilized by the Catholic Church?

  • I would agree

    At 56 years old I have been Protestant my entire life but married a Catholic a year and a half ago. Having been brought up in an environment where the search for truth in God's Word is critical, I have to say, sitting through a Catholic Mass is mind numbing. I took the classes of Catholic indoctrination to get a better understanding of Catholicism but, honestly, there is so much false doctrine in the Catholic church it makes my head spin. Observing Catholics, they will swallow whatever doctrine the Vatican feeds them since they have been brought up to believe in the infallibility of the church leadership. There is so much guilt and manipulation and this is not what Christianity is about. Christ offers freedom, not a life of dragging around the chains of an institution. Is it any wonder the prostitute of Revelation, (the false bride) is centered in the City of Seven Hills, (Rome)

  • The Neocatechumenal Way is a brainwashing technique utilized by the Catholic Church.

    The Neocatechumenal Way is a brainwashing technique utilized by the Catholic Church. I think the Catholic Church goes too far in pushing their beliefs onto people. It may take time to brainwash someone but it would not take that long to push your ideas and thoughts onto someone else at all.

  • Abused at home by both parents, extended family and people outside the family including nuns and priests.

    My supporting argument is that nuns and priests use no argument whatsoever. They take tiny children who know nothing nor have any experience and daily (or if you are lucky enough not to attend catholic school - weekly) tell children horror stories of what will happen to us if we do not do what the nuns and priests want us to do. It is almost always about sex. When I was 6 I was being sexually abused by m mother and a neighbour girl. Everyday I had to listen to nuns and priests enumerate all the ways I would suffer for all eternity for having sex outside of marriage. Everyday there were more horrific stories. Of course, I didn't tell these nuns and priests I was being sexually abused so they were not speaking to me directly. They were speaking to all of us children. But because I was being sexually abused I took these horror stories very personally. And, of course, the nuns and priests never told us what sex is but just repeated day after day after day new and more horrific ways we would suffer for having sex outside of marriage. Not only is this brainwashing but it is emotional and psychological abuse. It is also morally abhorrent and a type of abuse called coercive control. And every day these nuns and priests told us we were dirty, sinful, filthy, deceitful and we did not deserve to have Jesus redeem us because every day, by our filthy actions, we nailed him to cross again. Twenty years ago the New York Times reported on the findings of an unofficial query made by a group of mental health workers who went into 3 S&M clubs in the meatpacking section of Manhattan. They were interested in talking with people who came from a Christian background and asked all they found if their background was Catholic or Protestant. Catholics outnumbered the total of the Protestant sects. Oh yes, these same nuns and priests told us that catholic parents could never abuse their children because catholic parents receive a special grace from god but parents who are not catholic - say baptist - they will abuse their children because they shun the one true religion and so shun god's special grace. They also said that god gives nuns and priests a special grace to be nuns and priests who are special and personally chosen by god. I guess this is why nuns and priests think children are suppose to think it a privilege when priests choose them to rape. This church is the largest and oldest organization of child abusers in the history of the human race.

  • Absolutely not credible

    The Catholic Church does not employ any the Neocatechumenal way or any kind of way of brainwashing anybody,the church has simply been around longer most new churches and has always preached the same doctrine the same way all over the world for centuries now.It has therefore amassed millions of followers.

  • It ius hard to brain wash people

    It takes a lot of time to brain wash someone. Not saying it can't be done because the Catholic Church does have time. You have to starve people or maybe even drug them, so they are not in the right state of mind. That is how cults do it. They do not feed them the proper nutrition the body needs, and then pound their members over and over again with knowledge that is just not true. I highly doubt that is what the Catholic Church is doing. It would be obvious and people would not follow the religion anymore.

  • No, it should not be.

    The Catholic church should not utilize any form of brainwashing. It would be an insult to religion to start brainwashing people if it's even possible. Brainwashing would likely be used for forcing people to convert, which takes away the peoples rights of personal choice and finding what's right for them.

  • No, the Neocatechumenal Way is not a brainwashing technique.

    I do not believe that the Neocatechumenal Way is a way for the Catholic Church to brainwash people. I think that it is just an extension to the beliefs that the Catholic Church teaches to its followers. I believe that it should be left up to the individual to how they want to serve their faiths.

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