• If you like comics.

    Yes, the new CW show the Flash is good, because there are a lot of people who are into comics right now. The CW was smart to pick up on that. There have been so many superhero movies lately and they have all been successful. The CW is doing more of a popular thing.

  • Yes comic books stories are a hit today

    Following the success of the superhero genre in movies and the frequent success of shows like Smallville, The Arrow, and Marvel: Agents of Shields; The Flash has started off on a high note and has drawn plenty of its core base to its story. It will gather the late comers once the show gets going.

  • We Can't Watch It

    If it's not available on the internet a lot of people can't watch it. We are some of those people. TV stations need to rethink their distribution process. Going with cable companies is now limiting your audience. I would love to take a peak at this show, but can't at the moment.

  • Pales In Comparison

    There are some real merits to the new version of The Flash, and it has some potential. The biggest problem for this show, and the new vain of comic and superhero shows, is the overwhelming presence in the marketplace. It used to be that a new television show or movie based on a comic book would be an event. Now these shows and movies are everywhere all of the time, and it is becoming hard to distinguish them from each other.

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