Is the new FBI facial recognition system helping (yes) or hurting (no) the general public?

  • Yes, I believe it is helping the general public.

    The facial recognition system is helping the general public fight against criminals and catch them easily. It is especially helpful in tracking down the low end criminals who rob convenience stores and other places of business and are caught on camera. Without the use of the facial recognition system, these people would not be caught and therefore be committing more crimes, some of them worse than robbery.

  • Invasion of freedom

    I feel the powers that be are going to far. Trying to control everyone and everything. This is not for public protection, this is so they gain control over everyone, as they do with everything else!
    Very soon there will be no freedom to the public, everything will be controlled, this is just another step in power

  • Facial Recognition Takes Away An Expectation of Privacy

    The FBI's facial recognition system may be helpful in some situations, but overall it is harmful to the general public because it takes away the right or the expectation of privacy in the United States. The 9th amendment of the United States Constitution basically states that just because a right is not in the Constitution, that does not mean it doesn't exist. Not only is there potential for abuse, but the system is not fool proof and innocent people can be affected in a negative way.

  • When will it end?

    No, the new FBI facial recognition system is not helping the general public, because there is no limit to what the governments want to do to intrude in our lives. It's nice that the technology makes us safer, but it also means that the government knows everything about us. I don't like the invasion of my privacy.

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