Is the new film version of 'Les Miserables' a great disappointment?

  • I think so

    Having read the book, watched the movie, and seen the musical, I feel qualified to compare the three.
    Fantine was explicitly described as having beautiful BLONDE hair, not the dark brown Hathaway did. DISAPPOINTMENT
    Fantine's singing in Come To Me was choked out amidst tears. The lyrics and melody could hardly be made out. RUIN OF A BEAUTIFUL SONG
    Need I continue?
    The story of Les Miserables is so beautiful and moving, but the new film was a disappointment for me, as I expected more. However, that did not mean I did not like it, which I did.

  • Loud and obvious

    Too long for a musical. They left nothing for imagination. Characters recited everything for you. Also, highly predictable and stereotypical. Characters jumped from one personality to another instead of being portrayed as transitioning from one . Additionally, the struggles were unrealistically stretched. In order to make the movie grand and poetic, characters were made to do outstanding feats without much motivation. Good were shown to be intrinsically angelic and bad were depicted to be genetically wretched. Any one older than twelve knows that we are dialectical entities. No one pole of our nature can be suppressed. Both id and superego play major roles in our actions. The idealism in this movie was suffocating.

  • No match for stage show

    Perhaps not GREAT disappointment but how could it ever be possible to create the same emotion and fervor as the live performers engender? The atmosphere is electric, the applause infectious. The cast give their all night after night! Absolute magic. They should have had Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas in the film instead of Hugh and Sacha!

  • Was anyone expecting it to be great?

    The problem here is that you are taking one of, if not the greatest, Broadway musicals of all-time and trying to make it work in a movie format. If anyone thought it was going to be better, then that is shame on them. This film was going to be a great disappointment because everyone hyped it beyond how great it was. It also hurts that many people watched it on Broadway and expected a similar experience. The real issue is not that it was a great disappointment, it was that people made it seem greater than it really was going to be which led to people being disappointed.

  • Yes, It Was Way Over Hyped

    The new film Les Miserables was hyped for at least a year before it was released. The actors did all sorts of talk shows to promote the movie, and it was released on Christmas day as an extra dramatic flair. However the movie ended up being only mediocre at best. Many people thought it was too long and slow. It disappointed many movie-goers.

  • How can you say that?!

    It is an amazing film, it is emotional, compelling, and has a lasting effect on you. It is a wonderful piece of cinema and deserves more credit. The music in the film is emotional and the way they filmed it all live was a brilliant idea by the director and producers. It is one of the most amazing films I have ever seen.

  • No, It Was Not

    It is not accurate to say that the film version of Les Miserables was a "great disappointment". Much of this statement depends on how high of an expectation you held for the film to begin with. The literary version was a masterpiece, so it is not fair to assume that a film would hope to measure up to this standard in any way.

  • I Don't Think It Was

    I do not think that Les Miserables was a disappointment. I actually liked the film and would watch it again. It is nothing out of this world, but I did not have high expectations for the film. I could see how someone that did would label it disappointing, but I didn't. This was a good movie.

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